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Kids are coming into your after school program hungry for a snack or meal. It has been hours since they had lunch and the kids need some good food to keep them going through the afternoon. The problem has often been finding the money to buy food. The good news is that money is available…

What is the After School Meal & Snack Program?

It is a reimbursement program designed to give school age children and youth in low-income areas, a nutritional boost and involve them in supervised activities that are safe, fun, and educational during the school year. This program is officially known as the At-Risk Program.

An after school program with 100 children could receive over $11,800 each school year for serving snacks, and over $46,000 each school year for serving meals.

Who can Sponsor the Program?

  • Public entities, including school districts
  • Private non-profit organizations
  • Some for-profit centers

To be eligible, an After School program must:

  • be located in a low-income area
  • have regularly scheduled educational or enrichment activities
  • work with school age children and youth through age 18
  • be "open to all"
  • not charge children for meals or snacks

Athletic teams and scholastic clubs that limit membership based on ability or other requirements are not eligible.

How Does the Program Work?

The Oregon Department of Education reimburses approved sponsors for serving snacks and meals that meet Federal nutrition guidelines:

Snack: 0.65 / per snack served
Meal: $2.5675 / per supper served

You will need to:

  • keep a daily sign-in sheet
  • record and report the total number of meals and snacks served each day
  • keep a menu showing that the meals and snacks served met the USDA requirements
  • maintain a non-profit food service

This is a Federal program, administered by the Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs. USDA and the State of Oregon are equal opportunity providers and employers.

For more information or to sign up for training, contact: Darcy Miller at (503) 947-5899 (darcy.miller@state.or.us Email ), or Barbara Cracknell, ext. 2619 (barbara.cracknell@state.or.us Email ).

Visit us on the Web: www.ode.state.or.us/services/nutrition/cacfp/afterschool

The After School At Risk Program has made us look at the real picture of what it is like to be HUNGRY , and how really easy it is to make a difference.

It only takes one time to hear a comment when asking a student if they would like a supper and their reply is: "Does it cost money?" and you reassure them its FREE and their face lights up and they gobble it down and they say, "Wow! Thanks that's a lot better then chips and cereal for dinner."

In their eyes you are a Hero. You go away knowing you made a difference.

Rhonda Hoffine
North Bend and Coquille School Districts

Gervais School District has been serving After School At Risk Suppers since April 2002 to over 200 students participating in our after school programs at 3 sites. Students like the fact that they are provided more food than the limited snack that they had in the past. We like the fact that offer vs. serve can be utilized and the preparation of the additional meals can be easily absorbed during the work day. We did not increase labor hours, just staggered work schedules. We feel it has been a win-win situation, providing the students increased nutrition while providing additional funding to the Food Services Department.

Clare Columbus
Gervais School District

I think this program is so good for kids as well as the financial side of it. I have 8 sites that I feed after school suppers to. This year I have included the Boys and Girls club. The director there said this is a dream come true! There are way less confrontations with the kids, and they get along so much better because they have something to eat after school. The director is really pleased with what is offered, and how enthusiastic the kids are about having something available after school.

The other sites say the kids are a whole lot more willing to do the activities that are planned, and there is also not as much discipline problems.

Don't think that this is an easy way to make money, because it is a lot of extra work for the staff, but I have hired a part time person to handle just the after school, and it is working very well.

Pam Lessley
Sweet Home School District

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