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CTE Logo CTE (Career Technical Education) is learning that works for Oregon. CTE is helping our nation meet the very real and immediate challenges of economic development, student achievement, and global competitiveness. CTE is developing our most valuable resource - our people; helping them gain the skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation, and real-world experience, they need to prepare for high-skill, high-demand, high-wage careers- and keep America working - in every sense of the word. CTE is organized by a national framework called Career Clusters ™, which presents a complete range of related career options to students of all ages, helps them discover their interests and passions, and empowers them to choose the education pathway that can lead to success in high school, college, and their chosen career. CTE is leading change, transforming expectations and making the difference for students, for high schools and colleges, for business and industry, for Oregon and for America. Learn more about the national CTE initiative at

Perkins IV Administration

Perkins IV Administration

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins) provides federal support for CTE programs. Here you will find information on the Perkins Act of 2006, Oregon’s state plan, applying for and managing local/consortium grant resources, and reports on past grant awards.

Advocacy & Resource Materials

Advocacy & Resource Materials

Links to quality resources to support career and technical education teaching and learning opportunities including the "CTE: Learning that Works for America" campaign information.

Career Areas & Skill Sets

Career Areas & Skill Sets

Oregon’s Career Areas provide an organizational framework for Program of Study curriculum design. The Skill Sets contained within each Career Area are industry reviewed and represent the knowledge and skills students need in order to be successful. Here you will find links to the National Career Clusters, Oregon’s Career Areas and Skill Sets.

CTE Network

CTE Network

View the CTE Network meeting schedule. Access contact information for ODE & CCWD CTE staff, Regional CTE staff, Regional Coordinators and Dual Credit Coordinators. Update regional contact information.


CTE Data Collection and Reporting

High quality data provides insights on student progress and success in career and technical education. Collecting, reporting, and using data is central to improving CTE programs, reaching performance targets, utilizing resources efficiently, communicating about CTE, and helping students achieve their goals.

Initiatives & Partnerships

Initiatives, Partnerships, & Promising Practices

Partnerships, activities, and grant opportunities that reflect the work and spirit of helping students achieve success through career and technical education. Here you will find resources on Internships Applied Academics, the CTE Revitalization Grant, Green Focused Programs of Study, Math-in-CTE and Student Leadership organizations.


Network Updates

This LISTSERV provides information on state and national Career and Technical Education related activities and resources. Content is provided by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development.


Postsecondary CTE

Postsecondary Career & Technical Education (CTE) is a program of study at the post-high school level that integrates technical ability with academic content and prepares students for the workplace, further education, training, and family and community roles. Here you will find resources to help teachers and administrators acquire information regarding postsecondary education, and links to Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development’s postsecondary program approval.

Programs of Study

Programs of Study - Approval & Administration

The Perkins Act requires Programs of Study (POS) to link academic and technical content across secondary and postsecondary education. Here you will find the annual program update login, applications for CTE Program Approval, and resources to develop, maintain, and improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study and State Recognized CTE Programs.

Teacher Licensure

Teacher Licensure

Information and application forms related to Oregon’s new CTE licensure rules and processes. Includes all new updated forms and information, Oregon Administrative Rules, staff lists; and links to Western Oregon University (WOU) teacher preparation course work.

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It is a policy of the State Board of Education and a priority of the Oregon Department of Education that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination should contact the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Oregon Department of Education, 255 Capitol Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97310; phone 503-947-5740; or fax 503-378-4772.

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