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Creating an Internship Program: Resources and Examples

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Internships are an important mechanism for providing students an opportunity to explore a career and have opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge from schools into a business setting. Canby High School was awarded a CTE Revitalization grant in 2011 to help them expand their internship program. Below are the resources and forms that Canby developed to guide the implementation of this project.

Business Partner Relationships (Information & Forms)

  • Step 1: Recruit Businesses
    • How to Pitch It Power Point Presentation   10/22/2013 (5.59 MB)
      An overview of how to pitch internship programs.
    • Business Partner Letter PDF   10/22/2013 (181.47 KB)
      This letter should be sent to intended partners or businesses that might have interest in an internship. This can be used as an email too. It is a good idea to include a brochure about the program as well. See the Sample from Canby. PDF
    • Business Partner Letter - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (16.98 KB)
  • Step 2: Meet with businesses to discuss roles and responsibilities.
    • Who is responsible for what? PDF  External Link 10/22/2013 (248.17 KB)
      Once the meeting date/time has been established with potential partner, this is given to partner as part of the conversation to ensure that everybody understands expectations.
    • Internship FAQ PDF   10/22/2013 (478.52 KB)
      Once the meeting date/time has been established with potential partner, this is given to partner as part of conversation.
    • Internship FAQ - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (24.07 KB)
    • Smart Contract PDF   10/22/2013 (184.27 KB)
      After partner has decided to host an intern, this is a document that is required to make sure everyone understands their role.
    • Smart Contract - Generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (38.06 KB)

Student Forms & Information

  • Step 1: Prepare and recruit students

    In Canby all students participate in mock job interviews and job shadows. There is a structure in place within the school to have students write resumes, explore careers, and practice employment seeking strategies. The internship program is a natural extension of these activities. Internship opportunities are posted in daily announcements and newsletters. School counselors, teachers, and school career counselor all make recommendations for students to participate in the program.
  • Step 2: Matching student to internships
    • Internship Application PDF   10/22/2013 (75.11 KB)
      This is the original internship template we start with to add the job description from the business. All students need to apply and interview for their internship spots.
    • Internship Application - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (50.62 KB)
    • Counselor Checklist PDF   10/22/2013 (45.29 KB)
      This is a helpful tool for use in determining schedules for interns. If a student wants to have an internship during the school day, this is the first document given to them to use for a discussion with their counselor to make sure that their schedule can accommodate the internship.
    • Counselor Checklist - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (17.44 KB)
  • Step 3: Preparing student for the internship
    • Parent Letter PDF   10/22/2013 (254.01 KB)
      Once the internship is created, and we know a student is being placed, this is a mandatory letter that goes home for signature from the parent,along with notification of the Clackamas Community College (CCC) internship fee.
    • Parent Letter - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (17.14 KB)
    • CCC Registration PDF   10/22/2013 (631.16 KB)
      This is the CCC registration form that is used if the student has not already registered for Advanced College Credit (ACC) classes online.
    • Dress Code PDF   10/22/2013 (507.81 KB)
      Helpful reminder of business attire. Students can work with school counselors if they don’t have an appropriate wardrobe. Canby has donated clothes that can be used by students who have a need.
    • Dress Code - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (671.72 KB)
    • Monthly Time Sheet PDF   10/22/2013 (30.32 KB)
      The student is responsible for keeping track of their work hours.
    • Monthly Time Sheet Copy - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (25.72 KB)
  • Step 4: Reflection on learning.
    • Reflection Form Final - generic MS-Word  12/10/2013 (15.44 KB)
    • Reflection Form PDF   10/22/2013 (28.77 KB)
      It is important for the student to reflect on their experience. This would also be a valuable opportunity to have these students promote the program and speak to classes, middle school students, businesses. These students can be some of the best marketing tools for growing the program.

      Here is one Canby Student testifying before the Oregon Legislature about her experiences in the Canby Internship Program. If you experience audio difficiulties with this video, please try another web browser.

Internship Coordinator Forms

  • Webpage Template PDF   10/22/2013 (46.57 KB)
    Building a web presence describing the internship program is an important part of promoting the program.
  • Course Guide Description MS-Word  10/22/2013 (93.26 KB)
    This is the course guide description for the internships. Students cannot forecast for an internship, but this paragraph describes the benefits of the program.
  • Internship Template MS-Word   10/22/2013 (153.50 KB)
    A modifiable template that Canby uses to outline the internship learning plan for high school student, community college, and business host.

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