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Career Areas
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems Career Learning Area Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems
Relates to the environment, food and natural resources: such as agriculture (including food systems), earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries management, forestry, horticulture, water resources, wildlife management and urban environmental management.

Arts, Information and Communications Career Learning Area Arts, Information and Communications
Includes a wide range of career clusters that involve the creation or transmission of information through the manipulation of a symbolic language. There is an emphasis on process and the concepts of creativity, integrity and aesthetic awareness.

Business and Management Career Learning Area Business and Management
Focuses on the business and entrepreneurial needs of Oregon's students as they prepare to enter and succeed in the world of business. Studies in Business and Management focus on the commonalities among most businesses, including concepts like personnel management, marketing, planning, finance, and resource management.
Health Sciences Career Learning Area Health Sciences
Relates to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions and disease. These may include, but need not be limited to, preventative health care, medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness, stress management and hygiene.

Human Resources Career Learning Area Human Resources
Includes a wide range of career clusters that weave together work in the areas that focus on people: their needs, their growth and development, and their safety and well being.

Industrial and Engineering Systems Career Learning Area Industrial and Engineering Systems
Relates to the technologies used to design, develop, install, operate, maintain and upgrade physical systems. These include, but are not limited to, engineering and related design technologies, mechanical systems, manufacturing technologies, precision production, construction, electrical systems and electronics and information technologies.
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