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Locally Developed Technical Skill Assessments (Region 7)

These assessments are developed in Region 7 for Coos and Curry counties, South Coast ESD and Southwestern Oregon Community College.

Locally developed and ODE approved technical skill assessments can be used for the technical skill attainment measurement required by Perkins IV. The assessments listed below have been approved. Refer to the Oregon Skill Sets for a complete list of approved assessments sorted by cluster and focus area. Information on approval of locally produced assessments can be found here.


Assessment: Manufacturing Design and Fabrication Project
Level: Secondary
CIP Code: 15.06
ID Code: 7REG001
Proficiency Level: Total score of 12 or above with no dimension scored below 2.
Description:This performance assessment was developed for use in Manufacturing Technology programs at Bandon, Coquille, Gold Beach, Myrtle Point, Pacific, and Powers High School as well as Reedsport Community School. Students are assessed on a final project.
Links: Scoring Rubric PDF Document
Contact: Alana Croyle eMail

Assessment: Manufacturing Technology
Level: Secondary
CIP Code: 48.00
ID Code: 7REG002
Proficiency Level: Score of 4 on proficiency scoring guide, 100% on safety test, and 100% on tool use checkoff.
Description: This performance assessment was developed for the Manufacturing program at Marshfield High School. Students demonstrate proficiency through a series of welding projects.
Links: Scoring Rubrics PDF Document
Contact: Tom Hull eMail

Assessment: Radio Broadcasting
Level: Secondary
CIP Code: 10.02
ID Code: 7REG003
Proficiency Level: Component 1 – Score 4 in Ideas and Content, Organization, and Word Choice using the Oregon Writing Scoring Guide. Components 2 to 7 – Score 14 using the Broadcast Production Scoring Rubric. Component 8 – Sore 18 using Reflection Rubric. Component 9 – Score 40 on the vocabulary test. Component 10 – Score 30 using the Resume Rubric.
Description: Developed for use in the Radio Broadcasting program at Marshfield High School. Four scoring rubrics are used to assess students on a portfolio of projects. A vocabulary test is also included in the portfolio.
Links: Scoring Rubrics PDF Document
Contact: Steve Walker eMail

Assessment: SWOCC Small Business Entrepreneurship New
Level: Postsecondary
CIP Code: 52.0701 ID Code: 7REG004
Proficiency Level: 60%
Description: Portfolio assessment developed for the Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship program at SouthWestern Oregon Community College
Links: Scoring Rubric PDF Document
Contact: Linda Stagg-Brown eMail

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