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About Oregon Skills Sets

The Oregon Skill Sets are lists of those things students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in Oregon’s educational and career environments.

These skill sets have been created through statewide and national industry input, so the things that students are asked to know and be able to do are the most current and relevant skills for each career area or interest area. These knowledge and skill sets will be used by Oregon educators at all levels to help identify what educational experiences Oregon students need to have in order to be successful in whatever they choose to do next in their lives. The lists include academic, technical and career related knowledge and skills.

The Oregon Skill Sets will:
  • Help educate Oregon students quicker, more efficiently and to higher levels of achievement.

  • Enhance educators’ ability to identify what students know and can demonstrate.

  • Provide for the integration of academic, technical and career knowledge and skill development in contextual learning environments.

  • Bring new tools and strategies for guidance and counseling to our schools.

  • Provide improved processes for accelerating and articulating secondary and postsecondary experiences and opportunities.

  • Direct secondary and postsecondary teacher training and professional development.

  • Provide focal points for preparation and learning in Oregon schools.

  • Promote the development of new curricular models of instruction and delivery.

  • Provide a better target for what students need to learn, hence a better opportunity to evaluate how well our schools are preparing our students to be successful in their lives after school.

  • Contribute to the ability of students to meet graduation requirements, develop student plans and profiles and meet the requirements for the Certificate of Advanced Mastery.

  • Provide context and rigor for applying academic standards to real scenarios and applications.

  • Further expand, provide clarity, and create the context for Oregon’s Career Related Learning Standards.

The Oregon Skill Sets are aligned with Oregon’s Career Learning Frameworks created nearly a decade ago for the six career areas developed as a result of the 21st Century Schools Legislation (HB 3565 and HB 2991). These skills sets have been developed from the best of Oregon’s school reform work and the national work on the Career Cluster Skill Sets Project, becoming a powerful and innovative educational tool.

Who will use the Oregon Skill Sets?


Students of all ages, particularly middle and high school, college and university, will use the skill sets to create their educational plans that will map out their courses and educational experiences in a purposeful way. These skill sets may eventually be used by industry as it trains and upgrades the skills of their employees.

Teachers and school administrators will use the skill sets to develop courses, programs, curriculum and learning experiences that will more closely meet the needs of students as they pursue their educational plans.

Parents and other interested adults will use the skill sets to identify experiences they can provide that will enhance and encourage the learning experiences of their students.

When will the Oregon Skill Sets begin to be used in our schools?

In some places, they already are in use to some degree. All students are now required to develop and follow an education plan, while maintaining an educational profile on their way to meeting graduation requirements. The Oregon Skill Sets will ultimately be at the heart of those educational plans.

Why skill sets? Why now?

Oregon education is moving into the 21st Century. Education is not about the old industrial model of instruction that served us well in the early 20th Century. It’s about individualized instruction that helps each student reach their highest potential in whatever walk of life they chose to enter. Knowing what each student needs (and finding ways to help them get that), rather than trying to treat each student the same in an antiquated assembly-line model of instruction, will be the key to Oregon’s success in developing the best trained workforce in the world.

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