Oregon Department of Education
OPK Complete Data Sets 2004 Kindergarten Survey Report Page  
This survey report measures progress toward the Ready to Learn Benchmark for Oregon's kindergarten children.
Oregon Laws Relating to Public Schools and Colleges  PDF 06/15/2006 (3.21 MB)
Oregon Learns: SB909 Report to the Legislature Dec. 15, 2011  PDF 07/19/2012 (1.70 MB)
This report from the Oregon Education Investment Board calls for far greater coordination in public education and a committed focus on improving student outcomes: "If we are to fulfill the promise of educational opportunity and keep pace with the world around us, we must find ways to improve the teaching and spark the learning of all students, now and every year hereafter."
Oregon's Computer Adaptive Testing Algorithm  PDF 07/27/2007 (82.99 KB)
This document describes the algorithm used by Oregon's TESA to select and present questions to students. It not only addresses issues of difficulty but of depth and breadth of content coverage.
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