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4/23/2014 9:28:00 AM
General Guidance for HB 4150
The 2014 Legislature passed HB 4150. HB 4150 makes changes to HB 2220 which was passed in the 2011 legislative session. The purpose of this memo is to provide general guidance to districts before the end of the school year on the changes to grading, reporting, and proficiency as a result of HB 4150.

Grading and Reporting:
Most importantly, HB 4150 makes it clear school districts are in charge of determining the form and content of their grading and reporting systems. Furthermore, homework, behavior and other factors may be allowed to be included in academic grade reporting.

The second significant change is districts no longer must provide students and parents with an annual report of the student’s achievement to the academic content standards. Although this report is no longer required, districts may choose to continue to provide it. If a district chooses to continue to provide the report, it may be delivered verbally (as in a parent-teacher conference), electronically, or in hard copy. The number of indicators included in the report also must be limited to no more than three indicators per content area. For the purposes of HB 4150, “content area” will be the subject/standards areas listed in ORS 329.045: mathematics, science, English, history, geography, economics, civics, physical education, health, the arts and world languages. Districts wanting to use more than three indicators in the report must discuss this using a district advisory committee. Districts currently using standards-based report cards that include more than three indicators may continue to use them.

Another clarification from HB 4150 is that proficiency teaching and learning and proficiency grading are options for districts desiring to implement them. No district or school is required to adopt proficiency teaching and learning or proficiency grading and reporting. However, for those districts that do, a collaborative process is mandated. The superintendent of a proficiency district/school must convene an advisory committee to provide recommendations regarding implementation and practice. This does not need to be a new committee. The superintendent may revise the duties of another committee to include this work. It should be noted district leadership retains decision-making authority and may accept or reject the advisory committee recommendations.

To summarize the provisions of HB 4150 related to grading, reporting, and proficiency systems:
• Districts determine the form and content of their grading and reporting systems.
• Behavior, homework, and other factors may be included in student grades.
• The annual report created under HB 2220 is no longer required. School districts may continue to provide an annual report but, if the district does the report, it must be limited to three indicators per content area or involve an advisory committee.
• Proficiency teaching and learning and proficiency grading and reporting are not required of schools or districts. Districts or schools may choose to implement proficiency systems.
• Districts that have or will implement proficiency systems must engage an advisory committee which provides recommendations regarding implementation and practice.

Additional Provisions for Students on an IEP:
HB 4150 also included provisions for students with individualized education programs (IEPs) or plans developed in accordance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1978. When demonstrating proficiency in the Essential Skills, students are allowed to use the accommodations[1] described in the plans including, but not limited to, use of additional time, use of an alternative location that is secure and proctored, and the use of text-to-speech or speech-to-text technology or use of other assistive technology. Accommodations are allowed, modifications[2] are not.

The Oregon Department of Education will provide more detailed guidance about HB 4150 in the future including any changes made to the Oregon Administrative Rules.

Those who need additional information or have questions about the general provisions of HB 4150 should contact: Andrea Morgan eMail, 503-947-5772.

1 What is an Accommodation? It is a device, practice, intervention, or procedure provided to a student with a disability that affords equal access to instruction and assessment. Accommodations do not compromise or change the learning expectations, construct, grade-level standard, and/or measured outcome.
2 What is a Modification? It is also a device, practice, intervention, or procedure that affords equal access to instruction or assessment. Modifications change the learning expectations, construct, grade level standard, and/or measured outcome.
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