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4/1/2014 10:52:00 AM
Executive Numbered Memo 006-2013-14 - Vision Screening Certification
To: Superintendents and Principals
From: Sarah Drinkwater, Assistant Superintendent, Office of Learning
Re: House Bill 3000 – student vision screening certification

In 2013, the Legislature passed House Bill 3000 which requires education providers to collect “certification” that students entering the public school system for the first time have received vision screening and/or an eye examination. This spring the State Board of Education adopted OAR 581-021-0031 which lays out what schools need to do to meet this requirement.

House Bill 3000 requires public school students seven years of age or younger, or beginning a program with an education provider, to have vision screening or an eye exam. Families must provide schools with documents certifying that the student has received vision screening as well as documentation on any further examinations or necessary treatments needed. The rule further specifies that the certification must be provided within 120 days after the student begins the educational program.

Education providers are required to keep the certification record on file. “Vision Health Record,” for the purpose of OAR 581-021-0031, has the same meaning as Education Records” in OAR 581-021-0220(6).

If a family fails to provide a vision certification, the educational program must provide the parent with information about student vision screening, eye exams, and any further examinations or treatments. Vision screenings must be provided by a person licensed by the Oregon Board of Optometry, Oregon Medical Board, a health care practitioner, school nurse, employee of an education provider, or another person who has completed instruction on how to perform vision screenings.

(1) Each education provider must:
(a) Require a student who is age seven or younger and entering an educational program for the first time to submit certification within 120 days of the student beginning school, that the student received:
(A) A vision screening or an eye examination; and
(B) Any further eye examinations or necessary treatments or assistance of the powers or range of vision of the eye.
(b) If a child enters an educational program without certification of vision screening provide the parent with informational resources about:
(A) Student vision screenings, eye examinations; and
(B) Any further examinations or necessary eye or vision treatments.
(c) File in the student’s vision health record any certifications or results of vision screening or eye examination.

The vision screening certification must be in writing and must include the:

• Child’s name
• Screening or eye exam date
• Results of the screening or exam
• Name of the entity conducting the screening or exam

Certification of vision screening is not required if the parent provides a statement that they have submitted certification to a prior education provider or if the student’s or parent’s religious beliefs are contrary to vision screening.

For a full copy of the OAR, see: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=4100.

If you have additional questions, please contact: Nancy Johnson-Dorn at Nancy.johnson-dorn@state.or.us eMail or 503-947-5703.
- end -

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