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Revised Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule - January 2014
At the January 2014 meeting, the Oregon State Board of Education approved state staff recommendations to begin work revising current state laws relating to the state review of instructional materials. The goal of a revised process is to better support Oregon educators in selecting high quality student and teacher materials in all subjects. A new process would aim to examine electronic and open source materials in addition to traditional print options.

The State Board also adopted a new mathematics review criteria for materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These criteria will support the local or regional review of available mathematics materials aligned to the CCSS. Current laws allow for the local review of materials at any time while the state review process is being revised. Use the link below to find the adopted version of the CCSS Mathematics criteria.

In the coming months, staff at the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) will take the following actions to support Oregon school districts:

  • ODE staff will begin reaching out to all school districts and ESDs to better understand current purchasing needs for CCS aligned materials in ELA and mathematics.
  • Establish regional and statewide workgroups to begin the process of designing a new state review process that would ensure the timely review of instructional materials in a variety of formats.
  • Identify districts that are planning to purchase or implement new math materials in the next two years, and provide facilitated independent adoption support as needed for the local review of CCSS aligned materials using the recently approved criteria.
  • Results of local material reviews will be shared statewide. Districts needing to purchase materials in math in coming years can either leverage the results of Oregon reviews, or choose to carry out their own review.
  • ODE staff will identify and share information of CCSS reviews occurring in other states to inform local reviews in Oregon. Additionally, ODE staff will participate in any opportunities for a multi-state review of CCSS materials that may occur in future.

The State Board of Education is responsible for maintaining a review cycle at the state level, where the next mathematics review was moved to 2016 after a new review process can be put into place. The revised state review of materials can be found in the table below.

    Revised Oregon State Review Cycle

2013: English Language Arts-in classroom by fall 2014
2014: English Language Proficiency (ELP)** - in classroom by fall 2015
2015: Science** - in classroom by fall 2016
2016: Mathematics - in classroom by fall 2017
2017: TBD

    **with facilitated independent adoption support for Mathematics

Please contact Mark Freed (Math Specialist) Mark.Freed@ode.state.or.us eMail (503) 947-5610 or
Kim Patterson Director eMail(503) 947-5713 at the Oregon Department of Education if you have any questions about the State Board's actions or how the local adoption of CCSS mathematics materials will be supported by ODE.
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