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2/27/2014 1:41:00 PM
Executive Numbered Memo 005-2013-14 - Freshman On-Track

To: All School District Superintendents and Principals
From: Doug Kosty, Assistant Superintendent and Jim Carlile, Assistant Superintendent
Re: Freshman On-Track

The ODE has revised how Freshman On-Track information is collected starting in the 2013-14 school year. This change is effective immediately and there will be a formal student-level collection at the end of this school year. We are doing this for three reasons. First, the Oregon Department of Education released the redesigned Report Card in fall 2013. A portion of the data needed for the redesigned Report Card, including the Freshman On-Track counts, was not collected in a standard collection process during the 2012-13 school year. Instead, districts were required to use a customized spreadsheet to submit supplemental information for the Report Card. Second, Districts were also asked to separately calculate Freshman On-Track percentages as part of the Oregon Education Investment Board’s Achievement Compacts. This resulted in districts submitting the same information twice. Third, Freshman On-Track is a critical transition point along the educational continuum, because having earned at least 6 credits during the first year of high school is a strong predicator of on-time graduation.

Districts will report the SSID Core data elements for all students meeting the following criteria:
  • Part of the 9th grade cohort,
  • Enrolled at their district on the first school day in May, and
  • Have earned 6 or more credits* that count for their district’s graduation requirements by the end of their first year of high school (within 12 months of first entering 9th grade).
ODE will then calculate the percentage of Freshman On-Track for both the total student population and subgroups for inclusion in the final Report Card. Districts will be able to verify the accuracy of their data through the Achievement Data Insight (ADI) application, validation application for Report Card, and other accountability measures.

A student-level collection will allow districts to identify those students in need of intervention and allow ODE to track percentages across years and work with the district to provide targeted assistances as necessary. ODE will prefill district’s Achievement Compacts with this data so it’s one less indicator districts will need to manually calculate and enter.

For the Freshmen On-Track Collection for the 2013-2014 school year, districts will report those students who have earned 6 credits that count for their district’s graduation requirements and who have a High School Entry Year of 2013-2014. The collection will run May 15, 2014 through June 27, 2014. A short review window will run August 21, 2014 through August 29, 2014 for districts to submit students who earned the necessary credits during summer school.

*Six credits is based on the 24 credits required for the Oregon Diploma. If your diploma requirements are different, a student should be counted as on-track if he/she has obtained ¼ of the necessary credits to meet the graduation requirements put forth by the district.

Doug Kosty
Assistant Superintendent
Instruction, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability

Jim Carlile
Assistant Superintendent
Instruction, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability

- end -

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