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8/13/2013 4:09:00 PM
Executive Numbered Memo 001-2013-14 - Modification to Submission Dates for District Continuous Improvement Plans

TO: District Superintendents, District Administrators
From: James Carlile, Assistant Superintendent, Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation
RE: Modification of Submission Dates for District Continuous Improvement Plans (2013-14—2015-16)

At their June, 2013 meeting, the Oregon State Board of Education approved a revision to the submission schedule for District Continuous Improvement Plans by amending the submission schedule from an every-two-year process to an every-three-year process. This new schedule requires Oregon school districts to complete a self-evaluation and submit a full report only once every three years. In a district’s non-submission years, the district would need to update their plan only if they have made, or are making, substantial changes in programs already approved by ODE.

Examples of such changes might include:
  • dramatic change in staffing patterns;
  • severe district financial exigency;
  • changes in student demographics including increases in excess of 10% in identified subgroups; or
  • a response to direction from ODE due to a change in school or district improvement status under state or federal law, declining student achievement, or violations of state statutes or administrative rules.
The ODE is committed to supporting schools and districts in the important work of self-assessment and continuous improvement planning. To that end, ODE will utilize Indistar® for Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) submissions. District and School Improvement Plans are required by Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 329.095 and include one set of planning requirements. We have worked to embed most federal program planning requirements into the CIP as a means of coordinating and streamlining the CIP process.

Use of the Indistar® data system will reduce or eliminate unnecessary paperwork and create a more flexible process that meets both state and federal requirements. The process should:
  • improve the flow and connection between planning efforts;
  • improve coordination across programs and funding resources to eliminate most redundancies;
  • provide easy access to previous self-evaluations;
  • utilize a user-friendly submission tool; and
  • reduce paper and relieve the time commitment of the CIP.
In the off-submission years, Oregon districts would simply report that they have made no substantial changes by responding to a prompt in the Indistar® system indicating no change. This strategy will relieve districts of the burden of a yearly, or every-other-year, reporting process to allow more focus on the actual implementation of previously adopted and approved plans while still meeting both Oregon and federal expectations.

Indistar® is a web-based, continuous improvement process, adopted by Oregon for school and district continuous improvement planning. District and school leadership teams use this tool to assess their professional practice compared with indicators of research-based effective practice and to chart their course for improvement. The system supports this process with clear expectations, a structured process, and access to research and resources (R & R) related to each of the “indicators” of effective practice. The resulting Continuous Improvement Plan communicates to educators, students and their families, and the local community the process of self-evaluation, thoughtful planning, implementation, and monitoring of results to elevate professional practice targeting increased student achievement.

Trainings for district teams in using the Indistar® continuous improvement process tool were offered at the ODE Odyssey trainings and additional regional trainings will be held in September and will be listed on the ODE Events Registration website.

You can find a list of each district’s due date PDF along with additional information on our Continuous Improvement Planning webpage PDF.

If you have any questions, please contact Carla Wade at Carla.Wade@ode.state.or.us eMail or 503-947-5631.

James Carlile
Assistant Superintendent
Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation
(503) 947-5663
jim.carlile@state.or.us eMail
- end -
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  • Carla Wade Email    (503) 947-5631
    Data, Operations and Grant Management - Ed. Specialist, Title I-A, Ed. Technology

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