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3/14/2013 9:33:00 AM
OAKS Mathematics: Spanish Read Aloud

A few districts have asked whether the Spanish Computer-Based Read Aloud for the OAKS Math assessments is bilingual. Although students have access to bilingual read-aloud for some test items, the intent is for Spanish read aloud only.

Due to background programming within the testing system from our test vendor (American Institutes for Research, AIR), about 70% of the items in the Spanish stacked screen have an option for students to hear the item in Spanish and also hear it read aloud in English. This is an aspect of the programming of the AIR system that ODE is not able to change. The Spanish read-aloud is not meant to be bilingual, and approximately 30% of the math items will not have the English read-aloud available in the Spanish screen. The “English read-aloud in the Spanish screen” issue can help students using the Spanish stacked version of the Math test, but is not available for all math items presented to the students.

One cause of confusion is that on the computer-adaptive math practice tests, sometimes students are only presented with items that have the English read-aloud in the Spanish screen, which has given the impression that the practice test is bilingual while the operational assessment is not. This is not correct. The practice test is not intended to have a bilingual read aloud. Because the computer adaptivity of the practice test determines which items are administered to a student based on the student’s responses to earlier test items - some students may see items with both the English read-aloud and Spanish read-aloud, while others may see items with read-aloud options for Spanish only.

The goal of the OAKS Spanish stacked assessment is to provide students with the Spanish translation of the item on the screen. When text-to-speech was added in 2011-12, it was not intended to be bilingual, because the essence of the stacked version was to assist with Spanish translations and Spanish text-to-speech, not to provide a bilingual read aloud.

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