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February 7, 2013

Oregon K-12 Enrollment Numbers Up Slightly

After years of slowly declining enrollment, state sees small increase

(Salem, Ore.) –
Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton today announced that there has been a slight increase in student enrollment since last year. According to counts by Oregon school districts, Education Service Districts (ESDs), and state education agencies, there were 563,714 students enrolled in K-12 public schools last fall. This is an increase of 2,768 students, or half of a percent, over 2011-12 enrollment and marks the first increase since the 2007-08 school year when enrollment hit a high of over 564,000.

“Every one of the 563,000 students in our K-12 system deserves the very best,” said Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton. “As we work to improve and redesign our education system, we have to keep in mind that these numbers represent individual kids with promise and potential, and it is our job to help them realize that potential.”

The changes in student enrollment in recent years have been relatively minor. Overall enrollment has grown by less than 2 percent in the last decade. However, there has been a significant change in student demographics. There has been an increased demand for special education and English Language services over the years. Today over half of Oregon students qualify for free or reduced price lunch compared to just over a third ten years ago. And students of color now represent 35% of our K-12 population, up from 21% a decade ago.

“Our world is changing and so are our students,” said Deputy Superintendent Saxton. “Our student population is increasingly diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual. Just as we need to adapt our instruction to meet the changing technology needs of a 21st century economy, we have to adapt to the changes in our student population to ensure instruction is relevant and meaningful to all of our learners. The future of our state depends on our ability to close the achievement gap and ensure success for all of our students.”

Below are 2012-13 enrollment figures for the state’s largest school districts and the percentage change from last year.
  1. Portland 46,581 (0.85%)
  2. Salem-Keizer 40,228 (0.02%)
  3. Beaverton 39,488 (0.95%)
  4. Hillsboro 20,903 (-0.03%)
  5. Eugene 17,012 (-0.53%)
  6. North Clackamas 16,976 (-1.03%)
  7. Bend-LaPine 16,575 (1.84%)
  8. Medford 13,187 (3.61%)
  9. Tigard-Tualatin 12,641 (-0.39%)
  10. Gresham-Barlow 12,130 (0.03%)
  11. Reynolds 11,366 (0.32%)
  12. Springfield 11,033 (2.04%)
  13. David Douglas 10,761 (0.51%)

To access 2012-13 enrollment data, including statewide numbers for race and ethnicity, go to: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=3225.

For an audio clip of Deputy Superintendent Saxton, please go to: http://video.orvsd.org/ode/enrollment-2012.MP3.

Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Crystal Greene, Communications Director, Telephone (503) 947-5650

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