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9/20/2012 12:05:00 PM
Field Testing of Writing Prompts - 2012-13

Students will have an opportunity to participate in a field test of prompts for Oregon’s Writing Assessment this November and December. ODE’s Office of Assessment is seeking students in Grades 11 and 12 to complete essays on prompts under development for future writing assessments and web resources. All partners can benefit from participation: Students may benefit by gaining writing and assessment experience, teachers may use the essays as a graded assignment or work sample if they wish, participating schools will receive a gratuity of $2 per student, and ODE is assured that Oregon uses only prompts on the operational assessment that have been proven to work well with students. Passing scores on this field test can be used as one of the two work samples needed by seniors who have not yet met the writing standard in order to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skill of writing.

The window for administering the field tests is November 14, 2012, to December 14, 2012, with completed work being sent back to ODE by December 21. This field test opportunity will be a paper and pencil administration with materials shipped the week prior to the start of the testing window.

The $2 gratuity per student will be based on the total number of scorable responses, with funds paid to the district for distribution to individual schools/classrooms. Scores will be returned to the district in the form of Class Roster Reports, but the student work will remain with the Department to protect the security of the topics.

Those wishing to participate should contact Language Arts Assessment Specialist Ken Hermens (ken.hermens@state.or.us eMail) to get sign-up information. The deadline for applying is November 5, 2012, with successful applicants being notified on that same date. There are a limited number of slots available, so it is advisable to sign up early.
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