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3/14/2012 2:49:00 PM
Refresher Test Administrator Training

As the 2011-12 testing window enters full swing, districts should be sure to review key test security requirements with test administrators, including test administrators for the OAKS, ELPA, Writing, and the Extended Assessments. As the Braille Interface of OAKS Online is new this year, it is especially important to remember test administrators who will be administering tests using the Braille Interface to ensure that they are familiar with testing procedures and security requirements. When reviewing test security, be sure that test administrators understand the following key requirements:
  • Students need a quiet test environment, free from distractions. Distractions to look out for include other students receiving a read-aloud accommodation, printers running nearby, and staff coming and going, even if they are authorized.
  • Test administrators may not coach students. Coaching is defined as providing students with any type of assistance that may affect how a student responds, including verbal and non-verbal cues. Examples include interpreting, explaining, or paraphrasing a test item; leading students through instructional strategies such as Think Aloud; and reminding students to show their work or identify the source of their answer.
  • Students may only access allowable resources identified by content area. In particular, test administrators should remain vigilant for students with cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Secure test materials must be handled securely. This includes making sure that test items and passages print to a secure printer and that all printed materials are collected and securely destroyed after each test session.

To help prevent test improprieties, make sure that all test administrators know who to come to if they have a question about whether a particular practice is allowed; and should a test impropriety occur, make sure that test administrators understand the procedure for reporting test improprieties.

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