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November 1, 2011

Oregon’s Average Scores on National Assessment of Educational Progress Hold Steady for 2011

Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo releases The Nation’s Report Card on 4th and 8th graders

(Salem, Ore.) – Today State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo announced the release of Oregon's results for the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as NAEP. NAEP is considered The Nation’s Report Card and reports results for math and reading assessments every two years. The tests were given to a representative sample of Oregon 4th and 8th graders in late January to early March last year.

“NAEP is a benchmark for our math and reading assessments that shows us how our kids are doing compared to students in other states,” said Castillo. “While we didn’t see drastic changes from the previous NAEP results, we are not seeing the improvements in student performance that we know Oregon needs in order to compete nationally and internationally.”

NAEP reading results show no statistically significant change for Oregon’s 4th graders who scored an average of 216, which is below the national average of 220 and not measurably different from the previous 2009 score of 218. Oregon students are among 44 states to hold steady on 4th grade reading.

Oregon 8th graders scored an average of 264 for reading, which meets the national average of 264. In 2009, Oregon 8th graders scored 265; however, there is no statistical significance in the one point difference. National scores for 8th grade reading rose two points from 2009. Oregon was among 40 states to hold steady on 8th grade reading.

“We have set higher standards for our students by raising the bar in math and reading assessments, new diploma requirements, and by introducing Common Core standards in the classroom,” said Castillo. “These goals are important to our children’s future; however, we recognize it comes at a time Oregon is struggling with high poverty rates, more homeless students and unemployment concerns across the state. All of this has an impact on our students and educators. We are fortunate during this tough economic time to have a Governor who is making education a priority and investing in education for our children’s future.”

NAEP 2011 math scores for Oregon 4th graders show no statistically significant change from the last time students were tested two years ago. This year the average score is 237, just below the national average of 240. In 2009, Oregon 4th graders scored an average of 238. The national 4th grade average increased by one point from 2009. Oregon was among 41 states to hold steady on 4th grade math.

Oregon 8th graders scored an average of 283, right at the national average. In 2009, Oregon 8th graders scored 285. This two point decrease is not statistically significant. NAEP’s national score for 8th grade math rose one point from 2009. Oregon was among 37 states to hold steady on 8th grade math.

The performance of Oregon’s minority and free and reduced lunch students held steady across all groups in both 4th and 8th grade.

A NAEP FAQ will be posted on November 1 at: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=40

To access the national & Oregon results for NAEP 2011 math and reading, please visit: http://nationsreportcard.gov/

For background information on NAEP including governing policies and sample test items, go to: http://www.nagb.org/

Susan Castillo, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Christine Miles, Communications Director, Telephone (503) 947-5637

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