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12/19/2008 2:00:00 PM
Superintendent’s Update #286
Superintendent's Update

In This Issue:
  • Karli Olsen Named State Board of Education Student Advisor
  • 2009 Outstanding Community/School Partnership Nominations
  • Oregon Diploma Talk
  • Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools
  • Susan’s Schedule

McMinnville High School's Karli Olsen Named State Board of Education Student Advisor


State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo announced on Friday that Karli Olsen of McMinnville High School has been named to the State Board of Education as its student advisor. The board voted unanimously today to approve her selection.

“As a student on the State Board of Education, I will use my leadership position to advocate for those who do not have a support system and those who are struggling in school,” Olsen said in her application. “I am proud to represent all Oregon high school students and work with the state board to improve the quality of education in Oregon.”

Olsen is involved in National Honor Society, Key Club, Interact Club, Link Crew, Yearbook, basketball, and softball at McMinnville High. She is also an active community volunteer and can be found annually lending a hand at the McMinnville Education Foundation Starry Night Dinner, Mayor’s Charity Ball, and McMinnville Athletic Club Crab Feed.

"As the child of educators, Karli brings great insight into many of the issues facing students in Oregon,” said board member Lewis Frederick, who led the Board’s interview process. “I expect her to bring that perspective and energy to the Board and to provide an important voice for the students of our state. I look forward to working with her."

This is the third year that a high school student has served as an advisor for the state board, since the board revived the practice in 2005. While serving as a board advisor, the student must be enrolled in a public high school, have junior or senior status, maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA, be responsible to make up school work missed while attending scheduled meetings, and be committed to attend board meetings and special board functions.

Photo Caption: State Board Advisor Allan Bruner and Student Advisor Karli Olsen discuss current education topics.

Now Accepting 2009 Outstanding Community/School Partnership Nominations

"Teamwork and partnership are wise investments in our schools, our students, their families, and our communities. By pooling our resources and services, we ensure that each and every child is given the best chance to succeed," Castillo said. "When every community puts education first, the needs of ALL children are met through the work of family, community members, and school leaders."

State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo is asking for nominations of partnerships between schools and communities that support the success of their city’s students and/or school programs.

Please address the following in your nomination letter:
• Describe how the partnership is supporting, maintaining, or improving the quality of Oregon schools
• Describe the participants in the partnership and their community and school connections
• Discuss the partnership’s programs and how these programs target the needs in the community
• Describe what makes this partnership unique and deserving of recognition
• Include the partnership’s contact person’s name, title, e-mail, and phone number

Nomination letters should not exceed 500 words. Please send nomination letters to Regina McLoud at regina.mcloud@state.or.us eMail, by January 26, 2009.

Nominated partnerships will be invited to apply for this award. Each partnership is recognized for its dedicated mission, diverse participants and partnerships, sustainable funding, meaningful programs, and attainable goals. This is the fourth year that Castillo has formally recognized Outstanding Community/School Partnerships.

Visit our website to read about the 2008 Outstanding community School partnership award recipients and to read a “How to Guide” for starting or retaining a successful partnership. http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=349. Questions? Contact: Regina McLoud eMail, 503-947-5803.

Oregon Diploma Talk
This weekly item highlights actions taken, various questions, and background relating to the Oregon diploma. Oregon

Are the new diploma requirements needed? Enough? (student-opinion section)


“Reading, writing, math and speaking are “essential skills” in the eyes of the state. These are what we are now asking of our students and it begins with the graduating class of 2012 if they wish to receive their diplomas. I, personally, favor this change. No, it is not simply because I graduate in the spring, in fact, I wish these were standards my class had to meet. In the world outside of school, life is hard and college is especially trying. If, in order to better prepare students for higher education and life, we must increase the requirements to graduate, then I am more than happy to support it. The addition will be made slowly and is not so different than that of now — instead of 22 mandatory credits it will be 24, which is only truly three years of seven classes and one year of three classes to graduate. I believe this will be easily accomplished by our community’s youth.”
Carrissa Baer, senior
Glide High School

“The new diploma requirements that are to be implemented for this fall’s freshman class seem fair to me. Every class goes through the mandatory testing its sophomore year. Being required to pass all the tests, plus speeches will not be too hard. If a student tries hard enough anything can be accomplished. I think that being required to pass everything will lead to higher education when we are sent off into the real world as adults. Maybe, since I don’t fall under the category of having to deal with this, I see it in a different view. Overall, it is just not all that hard to pass everything to receive a diploma. They are very much-needed requirements.”
Devin Marie Lamp, senior
Glide High School

“No standard is too high. Setting high standards, even if you don’t accomplish them, is better than setting low standards. My point of view has always been that high school is fun, but the purpose of it is preparing for college and college is preparing you for your career and life. So more math and English is not a bad thing. If you know you want to be a computer technician, taking all the computer electives is wise. But then you have those kids taking a so-called easy elective for an A and that’s not going to get them anywhere. However, it’s important to stay focused on your future and another math and English class will improve your lifetime communication skills so that more can be gained from the electives of life. On the other hand, high school teachers in these upper level classes need to remember that if school isn’t fun in someway or another, then it’s hard to focus on those classes that matter.”
Shelby Reed, junior
Sutherlin High School

Truth of Youth, which appears in Monday’s News-Review, is an opportunity for teens to express their opinions.

To see this story in the Roseburg News-Review, click here.

Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools

Chalkboard wants your opinion

Four years ago, The Chalkboard Project conducted a survey asking Oregonians about the most crucial issues facing Oregon schools. In 2008, Chalkboard is asking for your opinion again. To participate, please click on the link to the brief online survey. www.chalkboardproject.org

Job Opportunity:

(Communications Director)

There is currently one permanent, full-time position available with the Superintendent’s Office in the Communications Unit at the Oregon Department of Education in Salem.

The Communications Unit provides information to educators, the media and the general public about education in Oregon through the media, written materials and articles for publication and public presentations. This position directs the Communications Unit, develops an overall communications strategy, cultivates media relationships, and plans communications activities and public information approaches. This position is the principal contact with outside organizations and partners involved in communicating about school improvement.

The close date is December 31, 2008

For the entire job announcement and for application materials please visit: http://egov.oregon.gov//ODE/jobs/LEED8108.shtml

Students safety video contest

Lights, camera, safety! High school students across Oregon are invited to create a 30-second public service announcement promoting young worker safety and health. All videos will be shown on the big screen at Portland’s Laurelhurst Theater on Feb. 21, 2009. The top three winners will also take home cash prizes ranging from $200 to $400.

The Oregon Young Worker Coalition for Health & Safety, Oregon OSHA, SAIF Corporation, American Society of Safety Engineers - Columbia-Willamette Chapter and the Santiam Section, and the Oregon Health and Science University Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology are sponsoring the contest.

The contest is designed to increase awareness about safety on the job for young people, with the theme of “Save a Friend. Work Safe.” Students are encouraged to develop a slogan, use humor, and get creative while emphasizing ways to protect themselves at work. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 13, 2009.

Contest winners will be announced at the Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference on March 10, 2009. For contest rules and entry forms, go to www.orosha.org/psacontest/.

Susan’s Schedule

Week of December 15th- Susan held conference calls with Representative David Edwards, the Arts Commission, and with Innovation Partnerships. She also had a conversation with Beaverton School District Superintendent Jerry Colonna regarding the high school diploma requirements.

Week of December 22nd - Susan will be visiting with family out-of-state for the holidays.

The December 2008 issue of Superintendent's Pipeline is available on the ODE website.

For scheduling inquires, please visit our website at: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=848
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