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11/9/2007 8:15:00 AM
Superintendent’s Update #229
Superintendent with Student

1. Education to Play Key Role in Oregon’s 150th Birthday Celebration

2. Oregon Diploma Talk

3. Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools

4. Susan’s Schedule

The November Issue PDF of Superintendent's Pipeline is available on the ODE website: http://www.ode.state.or.us/pipeline/november-pipeline-07.pdf PDF

Learn about what is new with the Oregon Diploma at http://www.getreadyoregon.org/

1. Education to Play Key Role in Oregon’s 150th Birthday Celebration

February 14th, 2009 is the official day Oregon turns 150. How will you celebrate? A year of commemoration activities designed to incorporate the uniqueness of communities and individual from across the state are currently in the works. From a statewide day of volunteerism to an interactive story board that will enable individuals and groups to document their Oregon experience, each sesquicentennial project is designed to build community while celebrating our shared cultural heritage.

“A celebration this big only comes along every 50 years. It’s truly a unique opportunity to appreciate the past, celebrate the present, and imagine the future,” said Susan Castillo, State Superintendent of Schools. “I’m especially excited that our schools and youth are invited to play a key role in this special celebration.”

Oregon educators across the state will soon be invited to submit their favorite lesson plans on Oregon history and civics which will be honored as official “Oregon 150 Curriculum” and featured on the Oregon 150 and Oregon Department of Education websites as well as other local community outlets. Look for an invitation to submit in January 2008 and for an “Oregon stories toolkit” with ideas to guide you in the process of documenting your own Oregon Story. ODE is working with the Oregon Council for Social Studies, the Oregon Heritage Commission and other education partners on this initiative.

A Children’s Future Vision art project is being planned to engage school children in a civic-oriented activity and create a durable work of art inspired by the hopes and dreams of Oregon’s youth. The project will serve as a legacy to the youth of 2009. Former Governor Barbara Roberts is spearheading this initiative. A call to classrooms across Oregon will soon go out with more information.

Other statewide activities being planned for the Oregon 150 Celebration include:

  • Take Care of Oregon Day – A statewide day of volunteerism and giving back to Oregon.
  • Oregon Stories – A statewide oral history project to document average Oregonians and Oregon’s history.
  • Oregon Minutes – A brief, daily feature on Oregon’s history and people broadcast by television and radio sponsors and printed in newspapers throughout the state.
  • Travel Oregon 150 – A joint project with Travel Oregon to encourage Oregonians to travel 150 miles from home in 2009 and enjoy the diverse landscapes and people of Oregon.
  • An Oregon Dreamers Blog - To collect ideas from Oregonians on how they would like to see their state evolve in the next 50 years.
  • Official Partnership Program – will enable Oregon civic groups, businesses and community organizations to partner with Oregon 150 through their own projects that capture the spirit of Oregon as part of the celebration.
To prepare for the sesquicentennial, Governor Kulongoski created Oregon 150 in 2007. Oregon 150 is a nonprofit organization with volunteers from across the state serving on the board of directors. Susan Castillo serves on the executive board and is committed to ensuring students and educators across Oregon have access to the many sesquicentennial opportunities available throughout 2009.

“Rarely do our students have such occasion to share and reflect on what defines and inspires us – on all those qualities which make us uniquely Oregon,” said Castillo. “I hope classrooms across the state will take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.”

For more information on the planned activities and programs and how to get involved please visit: www.oregon150.org.

2. Oregon Diploma Talk

This weekly item highlights actions taken, various questions and background relating to the new Oregon diploma.

Task forces focusing on the Oregon Diploma have continued their work at a rapid pace. On November 6th, the Essential Skills Task Force met to continue work around the draft essential skills. This included a presentation by WestEd's Stanley Rabinowitz summarizing the recently completed review of Oregon content standards and their relationship to the Essential Skills. More information on WestEd can be found at: http://www.ode.state.or.us/teachlearn/real/standards/Standards_Review.aspx.

On November 16th, the Standards & Assessment Task Force will meet to begin their work. Both of these groups are comprised of education professionals, technical experts and community members.

Internally, ODE's Office of Educational Improvement & Innovation (EII) is continuing a re-organization process in part to more strongly address the needs of the Oregon Diploma work.

Detailed information regarding the work of the Task Forces can be found at www.getreadyoregon.org.

3. Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools


Classroom Law Project is sponsoring a conference for teachers on Oregon government on December 7th at the State Capitol in Salem.

The conference will provide teachers an insider's view on all three branches of government. Breakouts will be led by legislators, teachers, judges, lawyers, and more. Conference goal is to increase teacher knowledge and strategies to make this content come alive for students.

MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT is available if traveling more than 150 miles RT, as well as a super low rate ($10) for students working on teaching degrees. An optional one-half college credit is available.

DEADLINE before rates increase (from $50 to $75) is NOVEMBER 15.

1. The day will begin in the Chambers of the Senate.
2. It will conclude in the courtroom of the Supreme Court.
3. Legislators who are also teachers will lead some workshops.
4. And from the lawyer who argued the case before the U.S. Supreme Court: Vernonia 10 years later & drug testing in schools.
And more. . .

REGISTER by going to Classroom Law Project's website: www.classroomlaw.org.


Governor Kulongoski has declared November Indian Heritage month. The Indians in Oregon Today curriculum may give you ideas about how to observe this month in your classroom. It is available from the Oregon Department of Education web site at http://www.ode.state.or.us/opportunities/grants/nclb/title_vii/indiansinoregontoday.pdf PDF.


WHEREAS: Our country is home to an ancient, noble and enduring native culture. By working together, government to government, on important education, economic and energy initiatives, we strengthen Oregon and help build a future of hope and promise; and
WHEREAS: National American Indian Heritage Month honors the contributions and accomplishments of American Indians and Alaska Natives. We remember the legacy of the first Americans and celebrate their unique economic, spiritual, artistic, and literary contributions, customs and celebrations that enrich our land; and
WHEREAS: The heritage and contribution of Native Americans and Indian tribes help make Oregon economically, culturally and spiritually stronger; and
WHEREAS: There are nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon. Each of these tribes have collaborated with state and federal agencies and continues to develop active partnerships with surrounding communities; and
WHEREAS: The month of November will be a time for Oregonians to celebrate the heritage, culture, spirit and contributions of American Indians.

NOW, THEREFORE: I, Theodore R.. Kulongoski, Governor of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaim November 2007 to be NATIONAL AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH in Oregon and encourage all Oregonians to join in this observance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand and cause the Great Seal of the State of Oregon to be affixed. Done at the Capitol in the City of Salem in the State of Oregon on this day, August 31, 2007.

4. Susan’s Schedule

Week of November 5th – Susan Castillo met with Bob Goerke, Oregon Representative for the National Association of Elementary School Principals and attended the Council of Chief State School Officers Board Meeting and Policy Institute in Ohio.

Week of November 12th – Susan will attend a monthly luncheon for statewide elected officials; meet with United States Senate Youth Program Oregon semi-finalists; meet with Ann Rautio, Oregon Liaison for Education Commission of the States; meet with Nancy Orr, State Fire Marshall about fire prevention curriculum; attend a Unified Education Enterprise joint boards committee meeting; attend a Literacy Leadership State Steering Committee meeting; meet with Gail Connelly, Executive Director of National Association of Elementary School Principals; meet with Annette Klinefelter of Girls Incorporated of NW Oregon; meet with Dr. David Barker, Dr. Kent Thornberg of OSHU, Dr. Bruce Goldberg and Bryan Johnston of DHS, and Jennifer Wagner of Congresswoman Hooley's office about children’s health; meet with House Speaker Jeff Merkley; and meet with Senate President Peter Courtney.

  • For scheduling inquires, please contact Jennifer Busey at (503) 947-5740.
  • Please forward this UPDATE to others who might find it of interest.

If you would like to be added to this list or if you would like to unsubscribe, please email Shelby.r.Campos@state.or.us eMail
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