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8/30/2007 2:46:00 PM
Superintendent’s Update #219
Superintendent with Student

1. Oregon Schools Receive Preliminary Federal Ratings under NCLB

2. Oregon SAT Scores Support New High School Diploma

3. Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools

4. What You Can Find on the Oregon Department of Education Website

5. Susan’s Schedule

The August 2007 Issue PDF of Superintendent's Pipeline is available on the ODE website: http://www.ode.state.or.us/pipeline/august-pipeline-07.pdf PDF

1. Oregon Schools Receive Preliminary Federal Ratings under NCLB

State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo has released the preliminary federal ratings under No Child Left Behind for Oregon’s public elementary, middle, and high schools. The 2006-07 preliminary report lists Oregon public schools that are making adequate yearly progress (AYP) and those that have been identified for improvement under state and federal requirements. Schools may appeal their preliminary rating, and final AYP designations will be released in October on the school’s report card.

"While today's report shows that we still have work to do to ensure that all students are successful, it demonstrates that Oregon schools continue to work hard and maintain their focus," Castillo said. “The challenges were many for schools this past year. I am proud of what they continue to accomplish. This is a testament to the hard work and dedicated focus of our excellent teachers and school leaders.”

There were several changes to AYP calculation this year including a last minute switch to paper-and-pencil testing and new achievement standards in reading & math.

Oregon’s preliminary 2006-07 AYP report shows:
  • 74% (923 of 1236 Oregon schools) met AYP standards compared to 70% in 2005-06
  • 21% (258 of 1236 Oregon schools) did not meet compared to 30% in 2005-06 (Of the 258 schools not meeting preliminary AYP: 176 did not meet in English/Language Art; 217 did not meet in Mathematics; 40 did not meet in the other academic indicator of graduation or attendance)
  • 85% (793 of 936) of elementary and middle schools met AYP compared to 82% in 2005-06
  • 43% (130 of 300) of high schools met AYP compared to 31% in 2005-06
Schools in Improvement: Thirty-eight Title I schools did not meet AYP in the same content area for 2 or more years and are subject to program improvement, of these schools 15 are identified for program improvement for the first time. Eight Title I schools are in program improvement for not meeting AYP for 2 years in a row, but met AYP this year. A total of 12 Title I schools identified for improvement last year met AYP for the second consecutive year and are no longer identified for improvement.

No Child Left Behind requires all students to meet state standards by 2014 and requires schools to meet growth targets each year in order to meet the adequate yearly progress definition of the law. As part of AYP, students must be identified and have their progress measured and reported by specific populations: economically disadvantaged, disabled, English language learners, and racial and/or ethnic groups. Under Oregon’s NCLB plan, schools must get 50% to standard in English/language arts and 49% to standard in math for all student groups this year. The academic target is ten points higher than in 2004 and will be raised 10 points higher in 2008. Schools must also meet an attendance or graduation requirement in order to make the AYP list. In addition, school districts must inform parents and communities about school progress. Schools that receive certain types of federal funds and do not make adequate yearly progress are required to provide supplemental services, such as free tutoring or after-school assistance, take corrective actions and, if still not making adequate yearly progress after five years, must make dramatic changes to the way the school is run.

Please visit http://blog.oregonlive.com/schoolsguide/2007/08/federal_ratings_story.html to read a story from the Oregonian.

2. Oregon SAT Scores Support New High School Diploma

State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo announced that Oregon students showed mixed results on the 2007 SAT college entrance exam. More minority students continue to take the test, however the test results emphasize the need for the increased high school graduation requirements that were passed by the State Board of Education earlier this year. These requirements include more math and science and increased literacy across all subject areas.

Oregon’s math score of 526 was three points lower than last year and higher than the national average of 515. Oregon’s critical reading score of 522 was one point lower than in 2006, but still higher than the national average of 502.

“Oregon’s education community and the State Board of Education were guided by two principles during the top-to-bottom review of high school diploma requirements: rigor and high expectations,” Castillo said. “We want our high school graduates to be prepared for college and work, and that means higher level math skills, more science classes, and a laser-like focus on literacy – but it also means help and assistance for those students who are struggling to achieve.”

“There is strong support for increasing what we expect from high school students,” Castillo said. “We have set higher expectations, and are working to provide students, teachers, parents, and communities with all the resources they need to be successful. I believe that Oregon’s students will respond if we challenge them to achieve and back-up that challenge with support and assistance.”

Please read the entire news release at: http://www.ode.state.or.us/news/releases/default.aspx?yr=2007&kw=&rid=582

3. Opportunities and Financial Resources for Schools


This fall, Stand for Children will award three $10,000 scholarships to college-bound Oregon public high school seniors who have "Beat the Odds" by succeeding in school despite daunting obstacles.

Applications are available for Oregon public high school students who:
  • Have succeeded academically despite hardships such as poverty, disability, homelessness, or personal tragedy
  • Plan to graduate in June 2008 and enroll in an accredited two or four-year college
Application materials and instructions are available now on our website, www.standleadershipcenter.org

. The deadline to apply is September 17, 2007.

Scholarship applicants must demonstrate that they have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average showing marked effort, improvement, or success; have succeeded in spite of daunting obstacles; have participated in activities that are helpful to others; and have a financial need. Scholarships are contingent on acceptance into an accredited two or four-year college program and will be paid directly to the college. Recipients will be honored at a "Beat the Odds" fundraiser luncheon on November 14, 2007, at the Oregon Zoo ballroom in Portland.

The "Beat the Odds" scholarship program is designed to highlight the incredible potential of Oregon's young people as well as the challenges which prevent too many of them from succeeding. If you've "Beat the Odds" or know a young person who has, please visit our website to learn more about this scholarship opportunity. http://www.standleadershipcenter.org/ "GRANTS FROM TOSHIBA AMERICA FOUNDATION TO SUPPORT SCIENCE & MATH PROJECTS"

Toshiba America Foundation Education Grants aim to contribute to the quality of science and mathematics education in U.S. communities by investing in projects designed by classroom d mathematics education. Maximum Award: varies. Eligibility: Teachers K-12. Deadline: October 1, 2007. http://www.toshiba.com/tafpub/jsp/about/HowApply.jsp

4. What you can find on the Oregon Department of Education website

This weekly item highlights various features found on the Oregon Department of Education website.

Did you know that we are starting the new school year with a newly redesigned home page? We have reworked the ODE home page in order to increase usability and bring news and events front and center. Links in the center of the site feature the most recent news, events, and announcements which update as new information is posted. Other changes include the addition of a rotating picture of students, a feedback button, and a more prominent search button. Please visit our website at www.ode.state.or.us and check out the new layout. Feel free to give us feedback on this new design. Simply go to the feedback button and click on the ODE Internet Website Survey.

5. Susan’s Schedule

Week of August 27h – Susan met with students of the Southern Oregon Education Service District at the John Lennon educational tour bus in Salem; had lunch with Carmen Ramirez, 2007 Women of Achievement recipient, and Larry Kleinman of PCUN, in Woodburn; toured the KPCN-LP, 96.3 FM radio station of Woodburn; and met with district superintendents of the Harvard leadership program.

Week of September 3rd – No public events are scheduled.

o For scheduling inquires, please visit our website at: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=848

o Please forward this UPDATE to others who might find it of interest.

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