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10/24/2007 8:35:00 AM
New Press Release: Safety "Watch List" and "Persistently Dangerous School" Designation
State Places Thirteen Oregon Schools on Safety “Watch List,” Names One Salem School “Persistently Dangerous”

SALEM – State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo announced today that thirteen Oregon public schools have been placed on a “watch list,” under the school safety provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Because these schools exceeded the minimum rate of expulsions due to violence, they have been identified as needing school safety improvement plans and must file a corrective action plan with the state.

Third year:
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - McKay High School
Second Year: Salem-Keizer SD 24J - North Salem High School
Portland SD 1J - Renaissance Arts Academy
First Year: Beaverton SD 48J - Five Oaks Middle School
Bend-LaPine Administrative SD 1 - Pilot Butte Middle School
Portland SD 1J - Alliance High School
Portland SD 1J - BizTech High School
Portland SD 1J - Gregory Heights Middle School
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - Houck Middle School
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - Judson Middle School
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - Leslie Middle School
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - Structured Learning Center
Three Rivers/Josephine County SD - Hidden Valley High School

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our children,” said Castillo. “The schools on the ‘watch list’ know this and have taken steps to create a safer school environment. Over the next year we will assist them as they develop their working plans for making their schools consistently safer.”

In Oregon, a public elementary or secondary school is defined as “persistently dangerous” if one or more of the following conditions exist (at the rates noted below) for three-consecutive school years:
1. Expulsions for weapons (ORS 339.250(6)) and/or
2. Expulsions for violent behavior and/or
3. Expulsions for students arrested for any of the following violent criminal offenses on school grounds, on school sponsored transportation and/or school sponsored activities:
• Assault (ORS 163.160, ORS 163.165, ORS 163.175, ORS 163.185)
• Manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance (ORS 475.992 (1-3)
• Sexual crimes using force, threatened use of force or against incapacitated person (ORS 163.375, ORS 163.395, ORS 163.411, ORS 163.427)
• Arson (ORS 164.315, ORS 164.325)
• Robbery (ORS 164.395, ORS 164.405, ORS 164.415)
• Hate/Bias Crime (ORS 166.155, ORS 166.165)
• Coercion (ORS 163.275)
• Kidnapping (ORS 163.225, ORS 163.235).

The total number of expulsions for these combined categories must meet or exceed one of the following rates per year: (school with fewer than 500 students) 5 expulsions; (larger school) one expulsion for every 100 enrolled students or fraction thereof.

Thirteen schools were on last year's list but removed from the list for 2006-07:

Eagle Point SD 9 - Eagle Point High School
Jefferson County SD 509J - Jefferson County Middle School
Klamath County SD - Brixner Junior High School and Chiloquin High School
Medford SD 549C - Medford Opportunity High School
Ontario SD 8C - Ontario High School
Portland SD 1J - Tubman Middle School
Salem-Keizer SD 24J - Parrish Middle School, South Salem High School and McNary High School
St Helens SD 502 - Columbia County Education Campus
Three Rivers/Josephine County SD - North Valley High School and Illinois Valley High School
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