Oregon Department of Education


  2017-2018 Approved CTE Program Listing for:  Riverdale High School
Program Title:   Computer Information Systems [In Development]
Learning Area:   Arts, Information and Communications
Credits to Complete Program:  
2   Approved Until:   6/30/2020
CIP Code:   11.0101 Computer and Information Sciences, General.
Teacher CTE License:   Design and Applied Arts
Course Number NCES Code Group Number Course Name Credits Skill Level Required, Optional Course Type Postsecondary
FA3007 10155   Javascript
0.5 Intermediate Required Technical Skill Based  
FA3337 10160   Server-Side Web Apps
0.5 Advanced Required Technical Skill Based  
FA3001 10201   Web Design
0.5 Introductory Required Technical Skill Based  
FA3017 10201   Web Design Projects
0.5 Advanced Required Technical Skill Based