FAQ features will be decommissioned effective November 1, 2019. If you have any questions regarding access to this information after that date, please email the ODE Help Desk and we will make sure your concerns are addressed.
FAQ Topics
    Using ODE Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ Topics Panel
    Select the topic(s) you wish to see from the left-side panel.
    • Viewing Topics
      You can view and filter your results by topic using the FAQ Topic panel. FAQ Topics Display
      • Clicking the "sideways" FAQ Topics tab will expand the FAQ Topics panel.
      • Click the "pin" icon Pin to the right of "FAQ Topics" to minimize the panel.
      • Drag the line to the right of the FAQ Topic's scrollbar (it will highlight and you will see arrows in both directions) to narrow or widen the panel.
    FAQ Boy Finding Questions and Answers
    • Topic Selection and Treeview
      1. Use the "FAQ Topic" panel's scroll bar to view FAQ topics.
      2. As you click the checkbox beside a topic, the associated Q/A's will be displayed in a "Topic and Question Links" panel.
      3. Click a topic to open the tree view and see related Questions.
      4. Use the "Topic and Question" panel's scrollbar to view all of the related questions.
      5. Click Question links to "jump" to the related answer.
    • FAQ Results Panel
      Search topics, questions, and answers with keyword(s) you specify.
      1. Reset Page - Button
        Click "Reset Page" button to start over from the beginning.
      2. Keyword - Field
        Enter a keyword or words to search the FAQ application's topic title, questions, answers, and associated keywords for matches.
      3. Search - Button
        Click the "Search" button when you are ready to process your search request. If found, the results will highlight where the matches are.
      4. Search Selected Topics - Check Box
        Click the "Search Selected Topics Only" to indicate the keyword(s) should only match selected topics. By default, keywords search ALL ODE FAQ topics for this web site.