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Oregon Data and Performance Related to Integrated P-16 Standards

Oregon's progress towards the implementation of P-16 policies and reforms includes important lessons learned regarding broad issues such as policy alignment, innovation, consensus building, and negotiating territory issues. Oregon is one of the first states to develop a proficiency-based higher education admission system that utilizes student work samples, to employ teacher scoring and verifying of student proficiencies, and to offer Certificates of Mastery to students. As Venezia and Bueschel state in their May 2001 Oregon Bridge Project Case Study report, a distinguishing characteristic of Oregon's P-16 reforms is their longevity. The original legislation that mandated statewide assessments - including CIM and CAM - is over ten years old. PASS began more than eight years ago. Although different than their original incarnations, these reforms have, to some degree, been institutionalized. Oregon's reforms are not yet at the point where they can be deemed a success or a failure; much has been accomplished and much work remains to do.

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