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Oregon Early Learning/K12 Data and Performance Related to Integrated P-16 Standards

  • Oregon's proficiency-based standards system does not appear to include a link between early learning and K-12. While children's "readiness to learn", as indicated in Oregon's Kindergarten Teachers Survey, is reported on Oregon's annual statewide report card, performance benchmarks within Oregon's standards system begin grade 3.
    • Exception: The "Early Childhood Foundations" document was developed by a statewide Oregon Early Childhood Foundations Workgroup to address the State Board of Education's goal of establishing high standards for all Oregon students at all grade levels in the state. The foundations identify key developmental foundations necessary for children to be successful when they enter school. These foundations are aligned with the Oregon K-12 Standards. The foundations are intended to be used by early care and education practitioners; however, there does not appear to be a mandate for their use (http://findit.emp.state.or.us/childcare/childhood_foundations.pdf PDF Document External Link, retrieved 2004).
  • The following Oregon quality standards meet or exceed the National Institute for Early Education Research quality benchmarks: vision, hearing and health screening/referrals are required; the maximum class size for three-year-olds is 17 and the maximum class size for four-year-olds is 20; the maximum staff-child ratio for three-year-olds is 2:17 and the maximum staff-child ratio for four-year-olds is 1:10; breakfast, lunch and a snack are required meals; and Family Support Services is required to make at least two home visits per year for center-based programs. (http://nieer.org/yearbook/ External Link, retrieved 2004)
  • Oregon adheres to the federal Head Start pre-kindergarten program performance standards, but does not appear to have statewide pre-K curriculum standards or program evaluations. Individual programs perform evaluations but there are no comprehensive comparisons (findit.emp.state.or.us/childcare/ External Link, retrieved 2004).
  • Under the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, a school district may provide services for children and families at the school site, which may include a community-learning center. If the district chooses to provide services, the design of educational and other services to children and their families is the responsibility of the school district. School districts may coordinate services with programs provided through the local commissions on children and families to provide services to families (§ 329.150). This policy includes program specifics, short- and long-term goals, and standards (§ 329.155 - 329.165).

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