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Alignment of Standards Considerations for Discussion

  • Consider a college preparation curriculum for all students.
  • Clarify and communicate standards and proficiencies across education levels - eliminate duplications.
  • Ensure that standards for high quality teachers are met for early learning, K-12 and postsecondary.
  • Ensure mechanisms of sharing standards and performance data across levels of the education system: Implement the Integrated Data System to track student progress and report performance to educators at each level of the system. Integrate early learning data.
  • Consider systematic attention to early outreach efforts to students and parents, especially regarding college preparation and dual enrollment programs.
  • Ensure proper outreach to students and parents so that they know what is expected of them at each grade level, especially regarding college prep and dual enrollment programs.
  • Develop common transfer standards, placement exams, and procedures for transfer between postsecondary institutions.
  • Develop incentives for all levels of the education system to work together systematically in equal partnership.
  • Consider allowing students to move through the high school system based on academic competency and social skills rather than age or "seat time".

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