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Definition: Academic language is different from everyday speech and informal writing. It is the language of texts, of academic discussion and formal writing. Without academic language proficiency students will not achieve long-term success in school. LEP students at the intermediate and advanced levels of ELD who receive no formal language instruction, demonstrate oral fluency, but generally show critical gaps in language knowledge and vocabulary. Academic language must be continuously developed and explicitly taught across all subject areas.

While there are many opportunities during the course of a day in a language-rich classroom environment for language learning, merely being exposed to, even engaged in, activities in English is not sufficient to assure the development of full academic language proficiency. LEP students must receive instruction on a daily basis during specific times, with differentiation based on their English proficiency level. Effective ELD actively develops competence in the functions, forms and vocabulary of English and provides many opportunities to develop oral and written fluency.

Current Standards Adopted: June 2004

Accountability: 2005

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