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Lesson Plan Overview

In the Lesson Plan Binder there are six complete lesson plans with all materials needed to present training.

Five of the lessons are 30 minutes long, with 20 minutes devoted to content and a 10-minute question and answer period. The lesson, Super Star Menus, is 40 minutes long. with 30 minutes devoted to content and a 10-minute question and answer period. Each of the six lessons are designed using a standardized format based on principles of adult learning:

Lesson Plans
  • Overview of the subject matter,
  • Simple key message(s)
  • Outline of the lesson
  • Suggested script for lesson
  • Demonstration related to subject
  • Activity for adult learner participation
  • Test for knowledge
  • Suggested other activities to reinforce the lesson
  • One or two-minute messages to reinforce the lesson (for monitors to use during teaching moments with providers during monitoring visits)
  • Overhead transparencies
  • Masters of all handouts used in lesson (translated handouts must be ordered from ODE 2-3 weeks prior to Sponsor's SSN provider training)

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