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The Oregon Department of Education's Office of Learning-Student Services supports the Oregon School for the Deaf. OSD is a residential program for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. OSD offers a full range of curriculum and provides individually designed instruction for students leading to a variety of post-high school options, including college, competitive employment and supported work.

All students enrolled at the Oregon School for the Deaf are entitled to the best education that our resources can provide. Each student is valued as a unique individual, to be treated with dignity, in an atmosphere where individual differences are accepted. We believe that each student can learn, and accept the challenge of providing a nurturing environment which allows each student to fulfill his/her potential. We endeavor to instill in all students the intrinsic value of learning.

Students of the Oregon School for the Deaf maintain a web site at http://www.osd.k12.or.us/.

Visit the site to find out more!

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