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The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) contracts with local educational agencies to provide education programs for students who have been placed by other state agencies, school districts, or private placement in day and residential treatment facilities. The children served by these programs have a variety of therapeutic and educational needs. The programs serve children who require schooling in a protected environment in order to protect the health and safety of themselves and/or others and allow the treatment process to extend into the school day in order to fully implement the treatment plan.

The goal of Long Term Care and Treatment Education Programs (LTCT) is to provide a high quality, therapeutic environment where the child will gain the behavior skills and abilities to function successfully in a non-institutional environment. Treatment programs operate under strict mental health standards. The treatment program must encompass all aspects of the child's life and close coordination of the education and treatment plans is essential. The LTCT programs work with local schools and agencies to facilitate a successful transition back to the local public school and/or community whenever possible.

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Additional related information pertaining to LTCT Programs.
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Forms and data requirements related to LTCT program implementations.
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Forms for LTCT Operating Budget and LTCT Expenditure Report due with quarterly invoices.
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Materials used for LTCT & Hospital quarterly meetings.

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