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Talented and Gifted Education is “needs-based” instructional programming for which a student should be identified to receive services. The information provided here is designed to support educators and parents to define the need for services and to support TAG identified students in their learning needs.



Talented and Gifted Progr...

Talented and Gifted Programming Design

Parent Questions About Ta…

Parent Questions About Talented and Gifted Identification and Advocacy

The folloing resources will be up on page soon:
a. Steps to TAG Identification and Services
b. Parent and Guardian’s Rights
c. TAG Parent Brochure
Educator Roles

Educator Roles in Talented and Gifted Education

Resources for TAG coordinators, administrators, and classroom teachers who work with talented and gifted students.
Read About Your Gifted Ch…

Read About Your Gifted Child

Parenting resources, including the Oregon Department of Education Brochure about Talented and Gifted Education and bibliographies related to gifted child parenting topics.

Shaking Hands

Advocacy Organizations Supporting Talented and Gifted Learners

Internet resources focusing on talented and gifted education that may be useful for parents, students, teachers, or administrators.

Global Internet

District TAG Coordinators listed by District and Education Service District

This Statewide TAG Contact List is updated periodically.
Oregon Capitol

Oregon Talented and Gifted Laws

Oregon Revised Statutes
(Governed by the Oregon State Legislature)
Oregon Administrative Rules
(Governed by the Oregon State Board of Education)
Frequently Asked Question…

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions most commonly asked of ODE by districts about compliance issues related to talented and gifted education.

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