Oregon Department of Education
No Child Left Behind

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The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has been the major Federal funding mandate for public schools. This page will be updated periodically, as these programs transition to ESSA.

ESEA Federal Monitoring

ESEA Title IA, IIA, VI-B and X-C Monitoring verifies that grantees are meeting federal requirements as well as provide technical assistance in areas the district need additional support.

ESEA Maintenance of Effort

Federal funds have guidelines and requirements that must be followed to ensure fiscal accountability and program compliance.

ESEA Allocations

These documents provide district ESEA allocations by title program.

ESEA Flexibility Waiver

Oregon’s ESEA Flexibility waiver provides for implementation of a more accountable and responsive education system to meet the needs of Oregon students in place of some aspects of No Child Left Behind.

ESEA Odyssey

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education hosts ESEA Odyssey Conferences for district and school staff. Start the school year with updates and guidance on federal ESEA Title Program implementation.

ESEA and NCLB Archives

Detailed information explaining the components of ESEA including a basic overview, detailed legislation, and a parents guide.

Private School Participation Under ESEA

Resources to assist districts in implementing requirements for including private schools under ESEA.

Title I-A

Improving Basic Programs

Title I-C

Migrant Education

Title I-D

Neglected and Delinquent or At-Risk Children

Title II-A

Teacher Quality

Title II-B

Mathematics and Science Partnerships

Title II-C

Troops to Teachers

Title II-D

Educational Technology Program under ESEA ended in 2012.

Title III

English Learners and Immigrant Youth

Title IV-A

Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities

Title IV-B

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Title V-A

Innovative Programs

Title V-B

Charter Schools

Title VI-A

Funding Flexibility

Title VI-B

Rural Education Initiative

Title VII

Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native Education

McKinney-Vento Act

(formerly Title X) Homeless Education


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