Oregon Department of Education

This page provides access to information on federal and state policy, ODE policy publications and presentations, and a range of other policy related resources and tools to assist districts and the general public in understanding the K-12 Education policy issues. Please see specific areas for related contact information.

  • Interdistrict Transfer Policy PDF Oregon currently has four methods of transfer: interdistrict transfer, open enrollment, tuition, and contract. This FAQ addresses interdistrict transfer as established by ORS 339.133(5)(a) and amended by HB 2747 (2013) and HB 4007 (2014).

  • Federal Policy - The Oregon Federal Liaison Representative’s Office serves as ODE’s link to federal agencies and congressional delegation staff to provide information and analysis on federal education policy issues for the State of Oregon.

  • State Policy - Information about state-level policy, including links to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) for educational topics.

  • Policy Publications - ODE publishes a series of issue briefs, reports, and fact sheets to keep the public informed about current educational issues.

  • Policy Presentations - On this page, you will find presentations given by the Oregon Department of Education to the Oregon Legislature regarding Educational Policy.

  • Policy Resources and Links - A range of additional education policy related links and resources

  • Web Site Policy - Find information on Accessibility, Copyright ©, Disclaimer, Link Policy, Privacy Statement, Security, Title IX, Notice of Nondiscrimination

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  • See specific areas for contact information.