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Preparing Each Student for Successful Transitions

The Oregon Diploma State Board Goal: Each student demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to transition successfully to his/her next steps — advanced learning, work and citizenship.

The vision for high school improvement is that each and every student completes high school ready for success in life. In today's world, that means preparation for college or some post-high school training for all students. To accomplish this vision, high schools are personalizing learning and designing around three core concepts: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.

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  • Preparing each student for advanced learning, work and citizenship.
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  • Each subject area page includes information on content and performance standards (where applicable) as well as links to professional organizations and teaching resources.
  • Dropout Prevention and Reporting
    This page contains links to online resources to help you develop dropout prevention and recovery programs at your school.
  • Students - High School & Beyond
    Successful transitions for Oregon students depend upon an integrated and connected learning system of middle and high schools, community colleges, universities and the workforce. These organizations working together will enable students to perform at high levels in education, the workplace, and their communities, and to make education and career choices based on their interests and gifts.

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