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Deputy’s Priorities
PK-20 Redesign PK-20 Redesign
Oregon has committed to the goal of 40-40-20 – By the year 2025, 40% of Oregonians will have at least a bachelor’s degree, 40% will have completed career training, and 20% will have at least a high school diploma. In order to reach that goal, we are working with the Oregon Education Investment Board on ways to redesign the education system from birth to higher education to better support students, families, schools, and communities.

Common Core Common Core
The Common Core State Standards are rigorous learning expectations which will be assessed using a new test known as the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The goal of the Common Core is to help all students become college- and career-ready by the time they leave high school.
Full Day Kindergarten Full Day Kindergarten
A student’s early years are critical in laying a strong educational foundation for future success. A new Full Day Kindergarten webpage is coming soon - stay tuned.
High School Diploma High School Diploma
The Oregon Diploma has been redesigned to better prepare every student for success in college, work, and citizenship. To earn a diploma, students will need to successfully complete credit requirements, demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills, and meet personalized learning requirements.

Closing the Achievement G... Closing the Achievement Gap
It is our priority to close Achievement and Opportunity gaps in Oregon – increasing opportunities for all and reducing disparities between outcomes for student groups.
Communications Communications
The monthly Education Update provides Oregon educators and community members with education news, resources, and opportunities. See Oregon Department of Education Press Releases for information on current education topics and data releases.

Child Nutrition Child Nutrition
ODE Child Nutrition Programs provide leadership and assistance to sponsors of USDA food and nutrition programs to support the growth and development of Oregon's children so they will reach their highest potential for life-long learning, health, and well-being.

Educator Recognition Educator Recognition
Learn more about recognition opportunities such as Teacher of the Year and the Oregon Educator Talent Pool.
Deputy Superintendent's A... Deputy Superintendent's Advisory Council
The Deputy Superintendent's Advisory Council identifies best practices, offers feedback, and makes recommendations to the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction on federal, state, and local education policy.