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Assessment/Testing Testing - Student Assessment
Achievement/Performance Standards, Administration, Assessment Results, Subject Specific Materials, Development, Communication Tools and Networks.
Career & Technical Ed Career & Technical Education
Administration – Perkins IV Grant, Advocacy & Resource Materials, Career Areas & Skill Sets, CTE Network, Data Collection & Reports, Initiatives & Partnerships, Network Updates, Postsecondary CTE, Programs of Study – Approval & Administration, Student Leadership Organizations, Teacher Licensure.
Content Standards Content Standards
Content Areas, Oregon Skill Sets, Standards by Design, Achievement Standards, Content Standards Review, Oregon Diploma, Instructional Resources, Surveys of Enacted Curriculum.
Diverse Learning Diverse Learning
Alternative Education, Home Schooling, Long Term Care, Multicultural Ed, Oregon Advanced Placement, Oregon School for the Deaf, PK-20 Redesign, Private Schools, Talented and Gifted, Veterans Ed, Youth Corrections/Juvenile Detention Education Programs.
Instructional Materials Instructional Materials
Adoption Criteria, Adopted Instructional Materials, Review Committee Comments, Caravan, Independent Adoption, Postponing Adoption, OAR & ORS, Links & Resources, Price Lists.
REAL Resources for Educational Achievement and Leadership (REAL)
Standards by Design, Searchable Standards, Teaching and Learning Resources, Strategies for Student Succcess, Standards Newspaper, Diploma Toolkits.
Subjects Subjects
Arts, Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling, Educational Technology, English Language Arts, Health, Mathematics, OSS, Physical Education, Postsecondary CTE, Science, Second Language, Social Sciences
Surveys of Enacted Curric... Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
How Surveys Work, SEC Data Use, Getting Involved, Exploration, Preparation, Taking the Survey, After the Survey.
Teaching and Learning Res... Teaching and Learning Resources
Assists the state’s educators in knowing, understanding, and using the Oregon content standards.

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