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Instructional Resources
Parents & Students Instructional resources are key resources used by teachers every day to help students acquire knowledge. From textbooks to library books to web sites, a wide variety of resources are available to help teachers meet the needs and pique the interests of their students.

Resources for Educational Achievement and Leadership (REAL)

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  • Teaching and Learning Resources

    Oregon’s Teaching and Learning Resource Center provides easy access to Oregon’s academic standards, along with sample lessons and assessments strongly matched to those standards.

  • Searchable Standards

    The Searchable Standards tool allows you to easily locate the content standards you wish to view by subject area and grade. This web-based version of the standards also allows you to cut and paste individual standards into electronic lesson plans, curriculum maps and more.

  • Standards by Design

    Standards by Design allows you to use the Searchable Standards to customize a standards document to your specific needs. Download the standards for an entire grade, or select several grades within the same subject to create a version of the standards that works for you. A printable Excel document of the standards selected can also be generated.

Instructional Materials

Find the current list of State Board adopted instructional materials by content area, as well as the criteria and schedule for adoption.


Beginning in 2004, students taking the Oregon Statewide Reading and Literature Assessment will receive a Lexile reading comprehension score on the Individual Student Report. Because the Lexile Framework for Reading provides a common scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty, teachers, student and parents can use a student’s lexile score to find material targeted to a students reading level.

Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS)  External Link

OSLIS is an information literacy website and a portal to the Gale online databases through which thousands of periodical and reference book articles (many with lexiles assigned) can be accessed. Elementary and secondary research skills tutorials and bibliography tools are also available. All Oregon schools, both public and private, can use the OSLIS resources at no charge.

Oregon Skill Sets (OSS)

The Oregon Skill Sets are lists of knowledge and skills in Career and Technical Education (CTE) that students need in order to be successful in Oregon's educational and career environments.

Subject Area Resources

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