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What is Oregon Head Start Prekindergarten?
    OHS PreK is a comprehensive high quality early childhood development program offering integrated services in:
    • Education and Early Childhood Development
    • Child Health and Nutrition
    • Parent Education and Family Support
    OHS PreK programs receive funding from the Federal Office of Head Start, the Oregon Department of Education, or both. All OHS PreK programs follow the same guidelines for providing services.

Who can participate in OHS PreK?
    OHS PreK programs serve children between the ages of three and five from families living at or below the federal poverty level. Some programs also provide Early Head Start services for pregnant women and children birth to three. Children in foster care and children who are homeless are also automatically eligible. At least 10% of the enrollment slots in OHS PreK programs are reserved for children with disabilities. OHS PreK services are free for qualifying children.

How can I find out about OHS PreK services in my area?
    Currently, there are 28 OHS PreK programs, serving children in every county in the state. You can find an alphabetical listing of all OHS PreK programs, along with contact information for each program in the directory below.

Directory and Locator

Standards and Outcomes

The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework
Oregon is in the process of adopting the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework as the state early learning standards for children ages 3-5. The Framework guides all programs serving 3 to 5 year old children on key elements of school readiness. It should be used to connect assessment data to aspects of program design, including school readiness goals consistent with state and local expectations.

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