Oregon Department of Education

Office of Information Technology
Susie Strangfield - Chief Information Officer

The Oregon Department of Education Information Technology section supports a diverse set of customers that are geographically dispersed throughout the State of Oregon. ODE serves approximately 550,000 students, 27,000 teachers, 1200 schools and 197 school districts through a variety of applications and data collections. In addition to our external stakeholders, we also provide desktop and network support services to nearly 500 staff located at the Public Service Building and Oregon School for the Deaf.


Information Technology's primary mission is to design and implement accurate and secure accountability systems. This is accomplished through system development, infrastructure management, internal and external application support, and partnerships with our education service districts (ESDs) and districts.
Application Development
Sandee Hawkins - Director

The Application Development team’s primary purpose is to ensure applications developed for internal customers (e.g., Electronic Grants Management System, Budget Reporting System, and Contract Management System) are addressing local, state, and federal regulations and reporting requirements. The team ensures business applications are operating according to ODE standards and allowing customers to perform their assigned functions. Many of these internal applications interface with external agencies and affect the citizens of Oregon (e.g., teachers, students, and school bus drivers). This sub-unit also includes business analysts that develop requirements for enhancements and maintenance and then guide these through the software development cycle.
  • Application Development and Maintenance
    This team includes programmers that enable the group to create and maintain sophisticated state of the art web and windows applications.
  • Project Management
    This team includes Business and Research Analysts, combined with Project Managers to help guide projects and maintenance through the project cycle.
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Network Services
Amy McLaughlin, MA, CISM - Director

  • Network and Security Administration
    This team maintains the networks and servers. The team is responsible for information security and privacy in addition to network/internet connectivity, email, file server, database servers, web servers, anti-virus server, backups, phone support, and storage. They also provides work with ODE development teams to support applications.
  • Centralized Web Systems
    Web Pages, News, Events, FAQs, and Searches for Internet, Extranet, and Intranet areas.
  • e-Rate Program
  • Oregon Virtual School District (ORVSD)
    The Oregon Virtual School District is a program led by the Oregon Department of Education that, in cooperation with a consortium of virtual learning providers throughout the state, seeks to increase access and availability of online learning and teaching resources free of charge to the people of Oregon.
Enterprise Systems
Chris Edison - Director

The Enterprise Systems team is responsible for the implementation of system-wide projects, including Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems.
  • Database Development
    Provides database enhancement and maintenance for ODE applications, data collections, and federal reporting.
  • Research Projects
    Point of contact for the release of data by ODE departments. Contract development and review prior to the creation of data files by ODE data owners or Data Management staff.
  • Project OFAR: Oregon Formative Assessment Resources
    Supports the enhancement of the data integration system in the statewide data warehouses which build large-scale data sets for policy analysis and development and create of pre-service teaching materials that use classroom performance and progress measures.
  • Oregon DATA Project: Direct Access to Achievement
    A statewide initiative designed to improve student achievement through data based decision making.
  • Data Confidence
    Works with Regional Data Warehouse Providers and districts to ensure validated data is available for our SLDS applications, such as Oregon Student Record Transfer Exchange (OSTX).
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Support Services
Sean McMullen - Director

  • ODE Helpdesk
    • External Support
      Provides support for external customers that include schools, districts and education services districts that access ODE applications, collections and data.
    • Internal Support
      Provides support for ODE employees. Services include software installation, support for applications, desktop hardware and configuration, operating system, printers, and any other problems that are diagnosed with the desktop software.
  • Studio Services
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