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Oregon Funded STEM Hubs

Additional STEM activity is happening within and around other Regional Achievement Collaboratives that may result in future funding.

Oregon STEM Education Initiative

Oregon is engaging in a networking model for promoting changes in STEM education statewide that are effective and coordinated. The initial input for the Oregon STEM Education Initiative was provided by representatives from business and education including organizations that focus on STEM education both inside and outside of the school day. The Oregon STEM Education Initiative will:
  • Define STEM education and goals related to preparation for college, careers, and citizenship.
  • Identify critical components needed for improvement in STEM education.
  • Describe a mechanism for linking educators and communities interested in improving STEM education.

Definition for Oregon STEM Education
"An approach to teaching and lifelong learning that emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of the four separate STEM disciplines. The connections are made explicit through collaboration between educators resulting in real and appropriate context built into instruction, curriculum, and assessment. The common element of problem solving is emphasized across all STEM disciplines allowing students to discover, explore, and apply critical thinking skills as they learn."

STEM Framework Summary MS-Word

STEM Education Planning

The STEM Planning Committee (with representation from K-12, post-secondary, business, and other educational organizations) began working on a vision and plan for STEM Education during the 2010-11 school year which resulted in the draft release of the Oregon STEM initiative in November 2011.
National STEM

National STEM

Links to STEM activities and organizations across the country are identified to support and inform STEM Education work in Oregon.

STEM Education - Outcomes and Measures

ODE is working with representatives from regions across the state to identify Oregon’s STEM Education outcomes and determine common measures that will eventually be used to evaluate statewide progress on those outcomes. Outcomes and common measures will be incorporated into the Oregon STEM Education Initiative to support collaborative centers of STEM activities across the state.
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STEM Education Grants

Information on current funding opportunities to support STEM Education work, including Title IIB (Math Science Partnerships) and Title IVB (21st Century Community Learning Centers), will be indentified as details become available.
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Oregon Regional STEM Partnerships

ODE has begun the process of identifying existing regional work and working closely with existing and developing STEM Education projects across the state. Information on each partnership will be shared as STEM partnerships are identified
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Oregon STEM - Related Research and Reports

Links to STEM research, reports, and related publications.

Oregon STEM - Other Related Links

This page contains links to information on best practicies related to the STEM content areas.


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