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Board of Directors for the Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD Advisory Board)

The Board of Directors for the Oregon School for the Deaf was established by House Bill 2263 (2007 Session)

Purpose: To advise the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Superintendent) regarding the operation of the Oregon School for the Deaf (School) and to provide a five-year master plan for the School to be presented to the Superintendent and to the Legislative Assembly prior to February 1st of each odd-numbered year.

Responsibilities: Periodically conduct a comprehensive review of policies and procedures of the School in conjunction with the Department of Education. When necessary, establish an interview committee and advise the Superintendent in regard to candidates for the position of Director of School. Make recommendations to the Department about the School’s budget and funding requests and the expenditure of private donations and grants received on behalf of the School. With input from stakeholders, adopt a five year master and review it for necessary modifications every two years.

Membership: PDF Members of the board are appointed by the Governor to fill each of seven legislatively defined roles: a former student at the school; a person who is deaf; a professional with experience working with persons who are deaf; a professional with experience working with regional programs; a member of the business community; and two members who are parents of a child who is deaf. Members serve four year terms and the terms are staggered.
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