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Human Resources

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The Human Resources office strives to provide quality services and support in employment, training, employee relations, benefits, compensation and safety beyond the expectations of all employees enabling them to better serve our external customers.

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ODE Web Pages

  • Cassie Graham Email    (503) 947-5635
    Employee Services - Recruitment Coordinator
  • Esther Mangini Email    (503) 947-5757
    Employee Services - Recruitment Coordinator
  • Billy Messmer Email    (503) 947-5760
    Employee Services - Human Resource Analyst
  • Marv Roberts Email    (503) 947-5876
    Employee Services - Payroll Administrator
  • Deb Skiles Email    (503) 947-5770
    Employee Services - Human Resource Analyst
  • Chris Stewart Email    (503) 947-5846
    Employee Services - Human Resource Analyst
  • Kyle Weraky Email    (503) 947-5614
    Employee Services - Human Resource Assistant

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