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In 2002, the State Board of Education approved the policy "Districts may award credit based on proficiency" sometimes referred to as “Credit for Proficiency.” This provides students the opportunity to earn graduation credits within Oregon’s standards-based system by demonstrating what they know and can do. Students may demonstrate proficiency through classroom work or documentation of learning experiences outside of school, or through a combination of these means. Policies to award credit for proficiency are created and implemented by local school districts in accordance with OAR 581-022-1131.

Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning in Oregon: An Evolution from State Policy to Practice
This paper describes the evolution of Oregon’s state policy “Credit for Proficiency” to a K-12 proficiency-based teaching and learning system focused on teachers’ instructional practice and student learning.


Credit for Proficiency Guidance

The guidance documents provided on this page are designed to assist school districts in development and implementation of local Credit for Proficiency policies and procedures.

Credit for Proficiency Pilot Project

A summary of the two year Credit for Proficiency Pilot Project which highlights process and data from the seven pilot sites.

Credit for Proficiency Video Resources

Videos from the Superintendent’s 2008 Summer Institute, the September 2008 State Board of Education and the 2009 diploma implementation DVD funded through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Credit for Proficiency Related Links & Resources

Other states across the nation are implementing similar processes as they continue to develop standards based instruction and assessment in their school systems.
Credit for Proficiency Ta...

Credit for Proficiency Task Force

To ensure successful implementation of the new diploma requirements the Board engaged stakeholders and practitioners by convening implementation task forces. The Credit for Proficiency Task Force addressed proficiency issues, examined models, and recommended criteria and guidelines to ensure that rules are applied consistently across the state and allow for credit to be earned through multiple pathways and assessments.

Teaching and Learning to Proficiency

Teaching and Learning to Proficiency in Oregon has been fueled by a grassroots movement to increase student ownership of their own learning and to increase student achievement to standards. An ever-increasing number of Oregon school districts, schools, and classrooms have implemented strategies that require students to demonstrate they know and can apply the knowledge and skills included in the Oregon academic content standards. The resources available here are offered to provide support to those seeking more information about Proficiency teaching and learning and to offer examples from Oregon school districts and classrooms.

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