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KIDS: Pre-K through Grade 16 Integrated Data System
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The (KIDS) Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 16 (PK-16) Integrated Data System began with a goal to provide seamless and efficient student record sharing statewide to get the information in the hands of teachers and educators as soon as possible so all students can achieve their full potential. The project developed comprehensive data systems encompassing the entire Oregon Education System and became a cornerstone for the Alder project.

Throughout Oregon there are a significant number of data centers serving School and Education Service Districts, ranging from custom packages installed in only one district to systems serving dozens of districts.

Please use the links below to find more details.

KIDS - Data Architecture Data Architecture
KIDS Operational Data Store Data Dictionary Including Metadata (Logical Definitions); KIDS Operational Data Store Current Data Model; KIDS Data Warehouse Current Data Model
<b>Data Partnerships</b> Data Partnerships
The Teaching Learning Connection; The Oregon DATA Project; The Longitudinal Growth Model; KIDS: PK-16 Integrated Data System
KIDS – History History
History of the KIDS Pre-K Through Grade 16 Integrated Data System.
KIDS Resource Links Resource Links
This page is intended to be a list of resources and links about education and data warehousing. It is not a complete list of organizations, but includes some that you may find helpful. This list will be updated on a regular basis.
Meet the KIDS Staff Regional Data Warehouse Providers
Regional Meeting Agendas, and Related Materials. The following six regional warehouses are: Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, (Includes NWRESD), Eugene, Willamette ESD/Salem-Keizer, and Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD.
SLDS Frequently Asked Questions (Formerly KIDS )
Questions and answers about the KIDS Project.
  • Regional Data Warehouse Provider Grant
    Each biennium, the Oregon Department of Education funds the Regional Data Warehouse Provider Grant Program to meet the goals and requirements of the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) initiative.


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