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Welcome K-12 Teachers to the Oregon Department of Education’s 2004-2005 e-Learning Professional Development Series web site!
  • Direct access to professional development events via videoconference, stored video clips, and web-based information
  • No travel/No cost! Find the experts at your fingertips!
This Series is for teachers, administrators, and education professionals. The Series provides workshops, information, and resources on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, related topics, and resources available to support Oregon educators. Join us through live, interactive workshops, view the live workshops on your computer desktop, or enjoy stored video clips at your convenience.

The 2004-05 Series will be available:
  • via the Oregon Access Network (the state’s interactive education videoconference network)
  • live, via video stream on this website
  • on-demand here at any time: just click on the Professional Development Series Archives link
ODE plans to make this professional development strategy one that fulfills the needs of educators throughout the state. The NCLB Act requires schools to demonstrate yearly academic progress and make achievement gains on standardized tests. The ODE Professional Development Series will help districts answer questions about:
  • Adequate Yearly Progress
  • How ODE will support districts in meeting NCLB requirements
  • NCLB timelines
  • Teacher certification requirements/Highly Qualified Teachers
  • School improvement programs supported by ODE
  • Oregon standards and benchmarks
  • Related opportunities for students and teachers

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