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Social Sciences education aims to help students develop as rational, humane and productive citizens in a democratic society. Social Sciences Curriculum and Assessment materials provide information for districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students about instruction and assessment in Civics, Economics, Geography, History, and Social Science Analysis.



Social Science standards, grade-level maps, standards-based resources, and documents.



Achievement standards, sample tests, Social Science Analysis resources, and other assessment-related materials.

Content & Assessment 

Content & Assessment Panel

The Oregon Department of Education established the Social Sciences Content and Assessment Panel to assist in the various activities that surround the academic content standards.



The Oregon Department of Education provides a variety of publications for parents, educators, and community members.


Social Sciences Newsletter

The Oregon Social Sciences Teacher Update is a monthly e-newsletter distributed by listserv.

Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction

Standards-based resources, Social Science education web sites, and information on the Civics & Financial Education Task Force.


Professional Development

Information on the Social Science Teacher Leaders Cadre and the Oregon Social Sciences Teacher Update.


Professional Organizations

State and national organizations dedicated to improved instruction in the social sciences.

Frequently Asked 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Andrea Morgan Email    (503) 947-5772
    Instruction, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability - 1 - Ed. Specialist, Social Sciences Curriculum and Advanced Placement Incentive Prog
  • Rachel Aazzerah Email    (503) 947-5835
    Assessment - Specialist, Science & Social Sciences

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