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Statewide Alternate (Extended) Assessment

Oregon's Extended Assessments are alternate assessments PDF designed specifically for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The decision to administer Oregon's Extended Assessment (the alternate assessment) can only be made by the student's IEP team -- including the parent. Because Extended Assessments are based on alternate achievement standards with content that is reduced in depth, breadth, and complexity, test results from these assessments are not comparable to results achieved on the state's general assessment, in spite of the similarity in performance category.


  • New Oregon Extended Assessment QA & QT Training Notice PDF
    The information in this Notice pertains to 1) certificated staff who are interested in becoming a Qualified Assessor (QA), as well as 2) those who served as a QA last school year and have permission from their district to become a Qualified Trainer (QT). PLEASE NOTE: To register for the QT training please use the survey monkey link posted in this PDF!

  • Extended Assessment District Secure Web Site External Link
    Qualified Assessors (Qas) and Qualified Trainers (QTs) must have a username and password (provided by their district security administrator) to log on to this site and access the Extended Assessment application for the Extended Assessment test materials (Resource Materials) and to enter the student’s Extended Assessment scores (“Data Entry Instructions”).

  • Qualified Trainer and Qualified Assessor Expectations PDF 07/11/2013 (127.78 KB)
    To administer Extended Assessments to students in the State of Oregon, educators must be appropriately trained as either a Qualified Assessor or a Qualified Trainer of the Extended Assessments.

  • Oregon Extended Assessment Administration Manual PDF 9/28/2016
    This manual is intended for educators and parents who are interested in a general overview of the Oregon's Extended Assessments - including a description of its architecture (organization and format as well as a review of decision-making for implementation), general administration, and scoring procedures. An overview of this year's Extended Assessments and the administration of such will be covered at the Qualified Assessor and Qualified Trainer Training meetings in November and under the "Training" tab on Oregon's Training & Proficiency website.

  • Extended Assessment Braille and Large Print Ordering Information MS-Word 7/6/2016 (36.50 KB)
    Deadline for order submission is January 13, 2017.

Achievement/Performance Standards

Achievement (also called “Performance”) Standards define the requirements for a student to meet and exceed on Oregon's Extended Assessment by content area and grade. An achievement standard is an objective definition of a certain level of performance, in a content area at a particular grade, in terms of a cut score or a range of scores on the Extended Assessment psychometric scale. All Alternate Achievement Level Descriptors assume that student curriculum and assessment is based on content standards that have been reduced in depth, breadth, and complexity. This means that Extended Assessment results cannot be used to compare to the results of students who are taking the General OAKS assessment and who are in the same enrolled grade. Best practices now include adoption of cross-subject cross-grade (“General Policy Definitions”) and grade-level Achievement Level Descriptors prior to standards setting.
  • English/Language Arts PDF 07/09/2015 (579.43 KB)
  • Mathematics PDF 07/09/2015 (541.40 KB)
  • Science PDF 07/09/2015 (526.70 KB)
  • 2013-14 & 2014-15 Cut Scores and Benchmarks Comparison PDF PDF
    With the transition to an Extended Assessment based on new state content standards in ELA (i.e., Reading, Writing), Math, and Science, ODE is aware that IEP teams may need information that compares or "equates" the Reading, Writing, Math, and Science cut scores of the "old" Extended Assessments with the "new" ones. With that in mind, the tables of these cut scores and benchmarks (or Levels) comparing 2013-14 and 2014-15 are provided here.


  • Extended Assessment: Interpreting Scaled Scores Guide PDF 11/02/2015
    This guide explains how to interpret scores for the Oregon Extended Assessment in terms of annual performance, interpreting reading and writing sub-scores, making growth determinations, and rated observations for very low functioning students using the Oregon Observational Rating Assessment.
  • Oregon Extended Assessment Guidance PDF 12/16/2015
    ODE has updated guidance on the selection process used by IEP teams in determining whether a student should take the Oregon Extended Assessment. This updated guidance takes into account the current policies regarding the new Smarter Balanced Assessment and the focus on Oregon’s assessments appropriately measuring the student populations they were designed to measure.
  • Extended Assessment High School Retake Policy PDF 08/28/2013 (78.07 KB)
  • Grade of Accountability 11th PDF 10/07/2010 (85.34 KB)

Sample Tests

Sample tests demonstrate the types of questions students might encounter on the Oregon Statewide Extended Assessment administered each year.

Regional Assessment Support


  • Oregon's Extended Assessment Training and Proficiency Site External Link
    Individuals who were Qualified Assessors or Qualified Trainers last year or individuals who are interested in becoming a QA or QT this year are required to access this site in order to review the Updates, training, and pass the appropriate proficiency test to re-qualify or qualify to administer the Extended Assessment to students for the current school year.

Assessment Development and Transitions


  • Bradley J. Lenhardt Email    (503) 947-5755
    Education Programs & Assessment - Alternate Assessment Specialist