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Admission and Residency in Oregon public schools is informed by federal and state laws and policies. This page presents links to some of the statutes and administrative rules, along with other related information.

Use this link to access Oregon Revised Statutes: Chapter 339 for the following topics External Link
  • School attendance required: ORS 339.010

  • Admission: ORS 339.115 - 339.129

  • Duty to send children to school: ORS 339.020

  • Exemptions from compulsory school attendance: ORS 339.030

  • Safety: ORS 339.309 - 339.400

Q & A: Residency of Students - August 31, 2004 Letter  PDF Document

September 2014 - Scio ORCA Enrollment Letter PDF

Undocumented Students' Rights To Attend Public Schools - September 27, 2004 Memo -   PDF Document

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