Oregon Department of Education
Office of Finance and Administration
Rick Crager - Assistant Superintendent

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The Office of Finance and Administration (OFA) provides timely and reliable fiscal and administrative services. This work is designed to ensure that all agency services adhere to all applicable laws and regulations while seeking solutions focused on the needs of Oregon’s children. OFA contributes to an infrastructure that allows ODE staff to focus on the core mission of leadership, accountability, and school improvement.

Employee Services

Human resources, employment opportunities, facilities, safety, more…

Financial Services

  • Accounting: 2014-15 Payment Detail is final as of August 17, 2015, indirect cost forms, request for payment;
  • Budget and Analysis: Legislatively Approved Budget, Governor's Recommended Budget

Procurement Services

Contract Bids, Construction Quotes, Supply Ordering, more…

School Facilities

Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program; Technical Assistance Program

School Finance

Information relating to the calculation of the State School Fund and its component pieces.