Oregon Department of Education
Accounting Accounting Information Technology Information Technology
Assistive Technology Assistive Technology Budget and Analysis Budget and Analysis
Dispute Resolution Dispute Resolution
Information on resolving disagreements involving students with disabilities and their educational needs.
Employee Services Employee Services
Ensures that human resource planning, systems, structure and personnel are in place to support the Department's mission through effective workforce recruitment, management, employee development and retention strategies.
Nutrition Nutrition
The USDA Child Nutrition Programs goal is to administer and provide leadership and assistance to sponsors of USDA food and nutrition programs to support the growth and development of Oregon's children so they will reach their highest potential for life-long learning, health and well-being.
Procurement Services Procurement Services
Major functions include contract solicitation, awarding and administration, supply ordering, construction quotes and associated recordkeeping.
Pupil Transportation Pupil Transportation
The Pupil Transportation Section provides leadership in coordinating activities related to the transportation of pupils.
Student Records Student Records
The Oregon State Board of Education adopts by rule standards for the creation, use, retention, custody and disclosure, including access of student education records that are consistent with the requirements of the applicable state and federal law.

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